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Blue Ruin s/t

Originally released as an EP cassette on SlowBurn Records (1993).  CD version released on SlowBurn Records (2004) [ti_audio name="Blue Ruin Blue Ruin" volume="75"] songs- Rats and Dogs, Shelter, I Went Round, Alone, We Want More, Hard, Wannabe, River of Flames, Bill The Turtle, Water Peter Streicher - guitar; Todd Streicher - vocals; Eric Johnson - guitar; Jason Goetz - drums; Steve Goetz - bass Madison Wisconsin's Blue Ruin finally releases their 1993 debut recording.  The album feature material from two different locations.  Four of the songs were recorded at Madison's Fast Forward Studio and the remaining selections were captured at the band's rehearsal space.  Amazingly, the material recorded to two-track by the band themselves sounds just as good (if not better) than the stuff from Fast Forward. Blue Ruin features the  amazing rhythm section of brothers Steve (bass) and Jason Goetz (drums).  It should be noted that the same rhythm section is also featured on Works (s/t) project from the following year.  The band is also rounded off by another set of brothers --Todd Streicher (vocals) and Peter Streicher (guitar), and Eric Johnson (guitar).  This self-titled debut captures the band at their creative peak; the music is progressive and modern while not totally abandoning their punk rock beginnings.

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