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Audio From The Vault 1995

Bryan Kohl, Eric Johnson recording Against the Giant 1995Eric Johnson Demos for Sun Zoom Spark's Against the Giant project February 1995 [ti_audio name="Eric Johnson Demos for Against the Giant project 1995" volume="100"] This collection of raw 4 track demos were recorded by Eric Johnson in February 1995 to provide ideas for Sun Zoom Spark's first project called Against the Giant from the same year.   Tribe Azure cassette release 1993Tribe Azure - Rehearsal Session October 1995 [ti_audio name="Tribe Azure Rehearsal October 1995" volume="100"] Tucson power trio Tribe Azure, made of up Ron Henry - vocals, bass; Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals; Rob Lauver - drums, recorded this set live without overdubs during a practice session at Ron Henry's studio to prepare for upcoming shows.  The line-up was short-lived as Eric Johnson left the group to concentrate on Sun Zoom Spark in November of the same year.   The set features all Henry's compositions, plus two songs by Johnson from Sun Zoom Spark's recently recorded debut Against the Giant.  

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