Audio From The Vault 2001

Alien Princess collage by Joesph Graves, 2003Black Sun Ensemble Live at Seven Black Cats - July 2001 [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Live at Seven Black Cats - July 2001" volume="100"] Recorded during the completion of "Starlight" in 2001, Black Sun Ensemble deliver a blistering performance at local venue, Seven Black Cats.  This gig was recorded by the SlowBurn Records mobile unit, producing a multi-track digital recording of the show. The show was also video taped.  While in the band at the time, Nervous Duane Norman did not play the show because of some argument with the club owner.  Jesus Acedo - guitar, vocals; Eric Johnson - bass, vocals; Brian Maloney - saxophone; Joseph Graves - percussion; and Otto Terrorist - drums.   Infinite Beauties live at Seven Black Cats 2000Infinite Beauties - Live at Seven Black Cats January 2001 [ti_audio name="Infinite Beauties Live at Seven Black Cats January 2000" volume="100"] This show was recorded with the digital multi-track SlowBurn mobile unit at Seven Black Cats in Tucson Arizona in early 2001, engineered by Eric Johnson.  While the out-of-tune guitars are challenging at first, the Beauties vibe begins to seep through as the material develops.  By the end, you are pretty much hooked.  Joseph Graves - guitar, vocals; Adam Lopez - guitar, Jeremy Topp - drums; Brian Maloney - bass.  

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