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Bill Enich

Bill Enich 1990Some bands stay together for years and record a ton of material, while others might record two or three projects.  Still others are just together long enough to get one project down.  Bill Enich, who affectionately crowned himself "Guru Of Love," is one of those artists.  Discovered by bassist Jason Peer working at a lumber yard in Chicago, the two began putting together material for a recording project.  Peer was impressed by Enich's strange behavior and outsider-artist/Dadaist approach to music.  Bill wrote lyrics by strumming on the open strings of his guitar, coming up with absurd rhyme schemes that actually worked.
"...cuz when I'm down and I'm feeling around, just gotta pick it up and let it go down..."
We are not sure what it means, but we like it!  Enich and Peer recruited Eric Johnson on guitar and John Galuska on recorder to round out the core "Guru of Love" band.  Enich penned all of the lyrics and Peer and Johnson did the musical arrangements.  "The Guru Of Love" CD is pretty funny, naively profound, and at times, a little creepy.  After the recording project was finished, SlowBurn Records gave Enich a tape of the sessions and we never saw him again.  Shine on you crazy diamond!  If you are out there, drop us a line sometime! (November 2010)

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