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Black Sun Ensemble Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden

licensed to Camera Obscura Records (2008) songs - St. Cecilia, Walking Down Rosemary Lane, La Paz, Blues For Rainier, Perelandra, Angel de la Guardia, Baphomet's Curse, Eden Song, Sky Pilot Suite, Evil Spirit Jesus Acedo - acoustic, electric and sitar guitars; Eric Johnson - bass, drums, guitar, percussion, keyboards; Brian Maloney - tenor sax; John Paul Marchand - percussion; John Axtell - violin What started out being a side project between Black Sun Ensemble guitarist/founder Jesus Acedo and multi-instrumentalist Eric Johnson, Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden has become the final collaborative project of new material from Black Sun Ensemble involving Tucson’s Sun Zoom Spark members and their collective, SlowBurn Records.   In fact, Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden maybe the final Black Sun Ensemble record.  After completion of this recording, Jesus Acedo has chosen not to continue with music, spending his time on other endeavors.   Because of this, Across the Sea of Id may be the capstone of a 20+year career that has created some of the most unique rock music of our time. Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden is a dramatic shift away from the heavy ethno/progressive rock of 2006’s Bolt of Apollo CD to an earlier style of semi-acoustic instrumental music that became Black Sun Ensemble signature sound in the 1980s.   According to Eric Johnson, “…in the end, BSE has truly come full-circle. Across the Sea of Id is the record I have always wanted to make with the Ensemble.  It captures what I think makes Jesus Acedo such a huge talent –its not about the guitar solos, its about the haunting quality of his songwriting.” After recording over 3 hours of material for the project, BSE chose songs that have created a retrospective of past works with new songs.   The material, all penned by Acedo and arranged by Johnson, ranges from not only engaging retellings of early work like the majestic Blues for Rainer and a definitive version of the medley Sky Pilot Suite, but also offers a trance-inspired version of St. Cecilia and a more subdued Baphomet’s Curse from Bolt of Apollo. However, it is the new material that offers a singular, dreamy vision of BSE’s final works.  The two title tracks, Across the Sea of Id and Eden Song, are reflective, yet hallucinatory explorations into Acedo’s unique compositional and melodic sensibility.   While Angel de la Guardia has a refined yet explosive rock swagger, it is balanced by the meditation Perelandra and La Paz. Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden was recorded and mixed by Eric Johnson at Tucson’s SlowBurn recording studio and was mastered by John Axtell at Signal House Studio.  The art for the album was created by BSE percussionist, John Paul Marchand. Across the Sea of Id is also an enhanced CD, featuring a music video directed by John Paul Marchand of BSE’s signature Dove of the Desert, recorded live on radio station KXCI 91.3FM, Tucson.

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