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Black Sun Ensemble Captain Wormwood 7 inch

BSE's Captain Wormwood 45rpmSlowBurn Records is proud to announce the release of a limited edition seven inch split with Black Sun Ensemble and Tucson's metal masters, Dead Chiefs.  This colored vinyl features Black Sun Ensemble's Captain Wormwood from Behind Purple Clouds.  The Dead Chief's side features two tracks, "Butterfly" and "Drop of Sweat."   Artwork for the record was created by Tucson artist Johanna Martinez. Jesus Acedo - guitar; Joe E. Furno - flute; Eric Johnson - bass, keyboards; Scott Kerr - percussion; Otto Terrorist - drums Below is Jesus Acedo's final interview, recorded at SlowBurn Studio, Tucson, the day of recording the Captain Wormwood track for the 7 inch.

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