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Black Sun Ensemble Elemental Forces

Released on Reckless Records (1991) [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Elemental Forces"] songs - Remover, Leviathan Song, Mezcal Morning, Cherokee Mist, Colloguy, Running from the Sun, Riders of Rohan, Sagrado Guzano, Shifting Sands, Zexyz, Remnants of Ice, Age, Clouds Without Water Dagan (Jesus) Acedo - lead, rhythm guitars, percussion, snakes, invisible ring; Tony Edelbrock - Drums; John Macarchick - guitars, vocals, keyboards, mandolin; Eddie Edelbrock - bass guitar, vocals, guitars, keyboards; Joel Timmerman - lead guitar on "Sagrado Guzano" Can you sometimes tell who’s calling you by the way the phone rings?  Perhaps elemental forces are at work.  The sounds here are like familiar invisible rings, and this time it’s Black Sun Ensemble on the line. “Leviathan Song,” and instrumental homage to a sea monster, kicks things off by trudging and foraging in the wet giant tradition.  The bass line in “Colloquy” runs true like an underground stream, and just about any time these guys play an instrumental you feel as if you’re going somewhere and not just retreading territory.  The saxophone traverses and Egyptian-tinged guitar in “Sagrado Guzano” and “Remnants Of Ice” features vocals that stroke like fingers of fleece.  Who needs answering machines when phone rings sound this good? - David Beran RUNNING FROM THE SUN (Elemental Forces) "I find this album kind of seductively creepy, like how you feel when you think you’re about to go off the deep end on psychedelics.  This song lays it all out for you.  I was terrified the first time I heard it.  Weird sliding vocals rise over sickly-sweet minuets, answered with doom-laden refrains threatening the return of the pyramids—all pacing along on the steadiest of fatalistic trip-out drum beats.  And then Jesus pushes it right over the top with another King Cobra solo. -Otto Terrorist, drummer LEVIATHAN SONG (Elemental Forces) "This is the song that got me into BSE back at Beloit College, hanging with Eric Johnson, whose record collection was the Rosetta stone of many of our future tastes. I just remember how this song would chug along and rock your ass off." -Jonathan Levitt, BSE videographer MESCAL MORNING (Elemental Forces) "My favorite here is Mescal Morning. I guess its a fitting precursor to Moby Worm and Captain Wormwood, cuz when I think of Mescal, can't help but think of the worm.  Jesus told me that he played drums on this one, which doesn't surprise me -he is a pretty great percussionist.  He said the others thought that the drum breaks throughout the song wouldn't work, but I think they are great, a nice homage to John Bonham's Moby Dick.  And the vocals grow on you here, the chanting "Grow...Change...Flow..." is really nice and sensitive part in the middle, with the singer at the time trying his best to sound like Odin, is beautiful."  -Eric Johnson, bassist BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Special thanks to: Randy Chu, English Cathy, Brian Jones, Kevin Culver, Ken Lyon, Lourdes Reyna, Si Jargo, Che Mann, Chuck Marrow, Master Param Sant Darshan Singh Ji, Sant Rajinder Singh, Julian Edelbrock, Penny and Ashley Edelbrock, Suna (Princess of the Nile), Mr. (African Drum) Ocheltree, Robin Tee, Sharon Pell, John Ivory, Shardan Dai, Leticia, Juanita and Javier, Jenny, Mick Taylor, Jeanette Littledove, Jay, Wanika, Leyenda de los Volcanes, Amy, Susan, Holstein and Rosie, Dougy, J.J., Pavone, Hunter, Sara, Eric, Mike, Hans, Tom (F.F.G.), Michael Lippy, Snoopy in the Sky, Lynn and Brook, Lisa, Sally (Woo), Dave and Chris, Mark, Jim and Sunnes, Tony at "Stick and Strings Music Center" for all your help; those swell guys at the Folk shop on 4th Avenue, all of our Moms, The Blue Army under Isis the Queen Of Heaven, Jude, Andy, Charles, Lisa, Karin and all of our friends at reckless records, Robbie Lochner (good luck with your band); also to the High Souls who are silently working to keep this earth together, and all of you who support us and have faith in our musical direction.

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