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Black Sun Ensemble Hymn of the Master

licensed to Camera Obscura Records (2001) [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Hymn of the Master"] songs-  Hymn of the Master, Bloody Mary, 669, Captain Wormwood, Celestial Cornerstone, The Beast, Whirlpool Ocean, 999, Love in the Heart of the Joyful, Lamp Lady Vision, Song for Precious Jesus Acedo - Eye of Horus guitars, vocals, percussion; Eric Johnson - bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion; Brian Maloney - tenor sax; Otto Terrorist - drums, percussion; John Paul Marchand - percussion Legendary Tucson guitarist Jesus Acedo and the Black Sun Ensemble are back with their first full-length album of new material in nearly seven years. Hymn of the Master establishes a new direction for the band that will both satisfy the long-time fan and fascinate new listeners. Acedo still has his chops...he masterfully paints expressive images through his guitar work that is both hauntingly beautiful and dangerously chaotic. Backed by Tucson’s acid rock power-trio Sun Zoom Spark, Hymn of the Master reestablishes Acedo as truly a guitar legend and the enigmatic Black Sun Ensemble as the most precious of desert jewels.

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