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Black Sun Ensemble Live at KXCI Volume II

Originally released on SlowBurn Records (2004) [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Live at KXCI Volume II" volume="75"] songs - The Shining One, Cherokee Mist, Rosemary Lane, Captain Wormwood, Lilith, Song for Precious, Dove of the Desert Jesus Angel del Paz - electric sitar-guitar; Eric Johnson - kick drum, hi-hat, bass, banjo; Brian Maloney – sax; John Paul Marchand – percussion Black Sun Ensemble Live at KXCI Volume II is the second of a two part series of recordings that captures BSE’s performance at Tucson Community Radio Station KXCI 91.3FM. After returning from showcasing their set at South by Southwest music festival in Austin Texas, the band presents the songs in a semi-acoustic, instrumental manner.  Included are lengthy interviews with BSE hosted by Locals Only DJ Don Jennings.  The material presented here is in contrast to first volume of KXCI performance in that the band here is experimenting with an ethnic, semi-acoustic sound that reflects BSE's earlier works.  All material and interviews were broadcast live at the time of taping.

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