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Black Sun Ensemble Behind Purple Clouds

cover for web-1songs - Black Temple, Mandala, Egyptian Magician, Valley of the Kings, Blue Thunder, Captain Wormwood, Bastet, Lotus, Watch The Stars, Jasmine, Apollo Wolf, Behind Purple Clouds Jesus Acedo - Eye of Horus guitar; Joe E. Furno - flute;   Eric Johnson - bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion;  Scott Kerr - percussion and drums; Fonda Insley - percussion  featuring - Carl Hall - percussion; Bridget Keating - violin; Al Perry - oud; Michael Henderson - oud;  Otto Terrorist - drums Black Sun Ensemble began recording Behind Purple Clouds in October 2012 upon reforming earlier that year.  Since the band's last release Across The Sea of Id: The Way to Eden in 2008, Black Sun Ensemble added Scott Kerr on percussion and Joe E. Furno on flute.  The new line up was complete with the return of long time BSE bassist and producer Eric Johnson.  Because of the new configuration of musicians, BSE began to experiment with new ways to develop music, utilizing samplers, electronic percussion and synthesizers to assist in not only creating a functional musical ensemble, but also to evolve Black Sun Ensemble music yet again after nearly 30 years of recorded history.  Behind Purple Clouds was about 2/3 completed when Jesus Acedo, guitarist and founder of BSE, died unexpectedly in early March 2013.  The surviving members committed themselves to completing the recording, as a way of perpetuating Acedo's musical legacy.  The Tucson Pima Arts Council agreed that these recording should be released and awarded Black Sun Ensemble a New Works grant to help fund the completion of the recording.  The band recruited the help of long-time BSE drummer Otto Terrorist, former Black Sun Ensemble violinist Bridget Keating, multi-instrumentalist Michael Henderson on the oud, and Tucson legend Al Perry to complete the tracks.  The result is a forward thinking, final chapter from a band that has recorded some of the most unique music in rock during the last thirty years.

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