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Black Sun Ensemble Starlight

licensed to Camera Obscura Records (2003) songs- Jewel of the Seven Stars, Loki's Monstrous Brood, I Am I Was, Arabic Satori, Angel of Light, The Lycian, Tralaine, Mascara Moon, Sun Beam Angel, Remedios Rising, Starlight Jesus Acedo - electric Eye of Horus guitars, vocals; Eric Johnson - bass, keyboards, vocals, percussion; Brian Maloney - tenor sax, Photon Guitar; Otto Terrorist - drums, percussion; Duane Norman - guitar, clarinet, tenor sax; Joseph Graves - vocals, percussion Tucson's Black Sun Ensemble returns with a follow-up for 2002's Hymn of the Master release.  Starlight effectively bridges the gap between the semi-acoustic, eastern influenced work of the 1980s and early 1990s with the metal machine onslaught of 2000's Sky Pilot and 2002's Hymn of the Master.  Again, with Sun Zoom Spark backing the ensemble, BSE seems to actually go further out than they have gone before. Starlight features striking vocal performances by Tucson's Infinite Beauties front-man Joseph Graves and Sun Zoom Spark's Eric Johnson in addition to blistering guitar leads and spacious chordal work by BSE founder and guitarist Jesus Acedo.  Starlight creates an unforgetable audio experience.

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