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Black Sun Ensemble Staying Power 7 inch

Originally released as a 7 inch on Westworld Records (1993) [ti_audio name="Jodie Cosmo Staying Power 7 inch"] songs- Staying Power, Real Cool Time Jodie Cosmo (Jesus Acedo) - vocals, guitar, peeping tom, jokes, zippo; Rich Hopkins - guitar, backing vocals; Stuart Kupers - bass; Brad Kemp - drums Released in 1993, under the temporary moniker of Jodie Cosmo, Jesus Acedo switched gears recording a pop song complete with vocals.  Backing Acedo is Sand Rubies's Rich Hopkins, and members of the band Machines of Loving Grace. The b-side of this single is a curious cover of The Stooges "Real Cool Time," under the name of Black Sand of Love. Its unclear if Acedo plays on this cut - judge for yourself.

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