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Black Sun Ensemble Tragic Magic

originally released on Absolute A Go Go Records (1992) [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Tragic Magic"] songs - Celestial Cornerstone, Dada is Gaga, Leviathan Song, Lilith, Dangerous Pussy, Arabian Nights, Sands of Time, Black Water Song, Mayan Dance, Emerald Eye, Spanish Rain, She's A Rainbow Jesus Acedo - guitars; Odin Helgison - guitar, vocals; Duane Norman - saxophone, clarinet; Michael Glidewell - bass; Tony Edelbrock - drums. Black Sun Ensemble's Tragic Magic was a rare release, distributed by Rough Trade in 1992.  The band was recorded live at Mud Bug's (which is now called "The Rock") in Tucson in October of 1989 and featured the Lambent Flame-era band sans the recently departed John Brett.  Brett was replaced by the more technically sophisticated Tony Edelbrock on drums,  lending a strange metal vibe to the songs from Lambent Flame. A full length set was recorded but more than half of the songs remains unreleased.  Jesus Acedo reports that the audience applause was taken out of the final mixed because "there were only about 20 people there and they sounded like 20 people when they clapped!"  The remainder of the album was filled by out-takes from the several cassette projects that Black Sun Ensemble recorded before they were signed to Reckless Records in 1988. Tragic Magic reminds fans of the impact of the Black Sun Ensemble in full-flight in the late 1980s.  The line-up broke up the following year because of personal and artistic differences.  The group and Acedo was never quite the same again.

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