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Brian Maloney Interview

Life's a Beatnik Dream Vacation for tenor saxophonist Maloney Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.01.2007 Name: Brian Maloney - Formerly of Sun Zoom Spark and Black Sun Ensemble Age: 39. Back story: Maloney knew early on that the tenor sax was his instrument of choice. "I was in the band in grammar school, and it turns out I was pretty good on the saxophone," the New Jersey-born musician said in a phone interview this week. "I really wanted to play tenor, but they wanted to challenge me, so they went and gave it to somebody else." Maloney ended up quitting over the incident, but he couldn't stay away forever. He eventually moved back to the sax and has been playing ever since. You can find Maloney performing his Sonny Rollins- inspired style of "sleazy atmospheric jazz" with the Beatnik Dream Vacation, a couple of times a month around town.  The trio plays Wednesday night at Vaudeville Cabaret. How did Beatnik Dream Vacation get started? "The genesis of the band started out on the street. I had been working up some standards playing out on Fourth Avenue, and (percussionist) Scott Kerr, whom I had contacted previously through MySpace, happened by on his bicycle. He went home and got his drum and the vacation began." Where did the name Beatnik Dream Vacation come from? "The name came from a painting an artist friend of mine created back in the '80s. The painting didn't survive, but it was big and orange with fake fur on it. He had it in his house, but when he got divorced, it got lost in the shuffle. I'm not sure what's become of it.” You say your group could be considered jazz. Is there a lot of improv involved in your sets? "We try and do at least one song that is completely off-the-cuff, that we make up as we go along. It can be an interesting challenge at times. We don't know exactly what will happen. But that makes it even more enjoyable. We can get together, come up quickly with some new material and keep everything fresh.  I have played in other bands that are a lot more structured and predictable, and this has always given me more freedom with what I do." Aside from your shows, where could one experience the ultimate beatnik dream vacation? "I've always thought that Big Sur would be the best beatnik dream vacation. There are a bunch of little poetry shops there and a bed-and-breakfast. You could maybe go down to the beach with a bottle of Chianti and a guitar and build a fire, with somebody you love, of course." When is the best time of day for some hot sax? "The nighttime is the right time, as far as I am concerned. That is my preference. Then again, there is nothing wrong with a little eye-opener in the morning, either." – Gerald M. Gay

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