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BSE Reflections

"Jesus Acedo of Black Sun Ensemble maybe the greatest guitar player in psychedelia in the last 20 years." - LOST IN TYME "Beyond the aural metaphors, synthesis of styles, exotic instruments and chemically damaged storytelling, though, BSE proves eternally cosmic—oblivious to complacency by relentlessly evolving its spiritually infinite, ethnic-rock universe." -HARP "Possibly, the world’s coolest band.  The Black Sun Ensemble sound totally strung out, as though they took a detour on the way from the Arizona desert and wound up in Kashmir.  Mostly instrumental, their albums occasionally suggests the Velvets- "Dove of the Desert" could be "Venus in Furs" with no lyrics- or Can, but more often suggests vast quantities of hallucinogenics. The star of the proceedings is one Jesus Acedo, something of a guitar wizard, who claims on the sleeve to play “electric and acoustic peacock feathers”. With you, Jesus." -Jon Colquhoun, OFFBEAT #2 "This sounds how I imagine Tucson, Arizona would seem-all arid and drifting sands, mountains looming in the distance…sage brush coming out of your ears.  Guitarist Jesus Acedo gets all the promotional credit with his acid wash style, and he does put the “A” back in lead guitar.    It could be pattern inducing and mood altering- I played it while dusting my room, and almost began to contemplate the task in a meaningful context." -Lisa McElroy "Now imagine the later Ummagumma-style Floyd zoning on psilocybin and frying out in the Arizona sun. Black Sun Ensemble is serious ghost-dance psychedelia, starring the agro-raga guitar of leader Jesus Acedo"  -David Fricke, ROLLING STONE "That's right officer, there's fire coming out of these here speakers."  -UNHINGED " Black Sun Ensemble offers sensual, aerial, sonic magic carpet rides laced with the steady flavor of India that will take you high above the Himalayas in your head.  But this isn't plinky, incense-burning,catatonic hammock music, nor does it smell of hippie backwash and flashbacks (thought the music can be hypnotic and psychedelic). You can see forever with the Black Sun Ensemble." -CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT “Black Sun Ensemble is weird, bloodcurdling, sacred and profane.  It's beautiful, spooked, experimental, and transcendental.  Black Sun Ensemble paint with sound and their sultry, alien soundscapes pass through your senses.  Confused? Rise above, to the Black Sun.”   -Ralph TraitorBlack Sun Ensemble hit like classic John Fahey one sec and a fuzz-boxed Jeff Cotton the next.  The instruments come at ya with these notes that look like peacock feathers, but feel more like whale  bones when they hit.  Incredible. “ -FORCED EXPOSURE NO. 10Black Sun Ensemble might be the ultimate example of desert rock. Guitarist Jesus Acedo summons up inspiration from influences like the Grateful Dead, Captain Beefheart and John Fahey, leading his band through a series of fascinating, atmospheric compositions,  all of which fall somewhere between the psychedelic and the mystic.” -RECORD COLLECTOR “A warm, mesmerizing snake ride of instrumental charms interwoven like reeds in a river. I can only describe Jesus’ playing as awesome.  It soars like an Eastern mystic on his nightly magic carpet ride and comparisons with any other living person are superfluous. Awaiting the listener are rich tapestries of electric and acoustic ideas with ethnic percussion and plenty of space to breathe.” -OUTLET "Black Sun Ensemble fuse mantra music of many continents into a magnificent batch of instrumentals.” -STRANGE THINGS “…take John Martyn at his most languid and Hendrix at his wildest, bake them in the sun then let themtrade licks and you still wouldn’t have anything as captivating as Jesus Acedo offers here. -BUCKETFUL OF BRAINS

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