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Burroughs Triangle

Limited cassette release on Slowburn Records (1991) [ti_audio name="Burrough's Triangle" volume="75"] songs - Scud, Squack-Don't Run, Slow Burn Crow, Flying Saucer, Itchy Place, Urban Guerrilla Made up of Eric Johnson (guitar), Young Arnold (bass) and Ben Johnston (drums), Burrough's Triangle (1991) were best remembered for two things.  First, that their enigmatic name was taken from a specific surgical procedure regarding the stitching of wounds or incisions - band members were fans of the early-1990s surgery channel.   Burrough's Triangle was also remembered for a specific acid-rock recording the ensemble committed to tape in July 1991.   The trio blasts its way thru extended workouts like "Squack-Don't Run" the syncopated "Slow Burn Crow" and the heavy-duty "Scud" named after the infamous missile used in the first Gulf War.   The group meanders thru some experiments like "Itchy Place" and "Flying Saucer" and even touches on Hawkwind's classic "Urban Guerilla." Never a really official band and only named because of the popular underground recording, the group ended their time together in August 1991.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material does not comply with industry standards.

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