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BSE's Captain Wormwood 45rpmTucson artist Johanna Martinez designed the cover for both Black Sun Ensemble and Dead Chiefs 7" split, released on SlowBurn Records in December 2013. Johanna Martinez is an expansive, multi-medium artist and designer who has lived in Southern Arizona for over 20 years. Her work ranges from vernacularly inspired interior wall and surface embellishment, to mural painting, illustration, scenic painting, lettering, sign and jewelry design. She has successfully maintained Sage Brush Studio for more than 10 years and her work has included a wide scope of projects both commercial and residential, in the private and public sectors as well as in theater and on film. Over the years, Johanna has conducted various workshops and taught classes to incarcerated, disabled and at-risk youth and adults on subjects such as sculptural adobe, mosaic, murals, mask making and more. For more information on Johanna, her work and contact information, please see:

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