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Cobracalia self-titled debut cover (2014)Released on SlowBurn Records November 15, 2014 songs - Dandyloin, Fistful of Flowers, Arabic Satori, Mandala, Wrong Again, Queen Of The Night, Total Internal Reflection, Simpatico, Lotus, Tijuana Mama, Gas Giant, Dandyloin (Bonus: Alternate Version), Tijuana Mama (Bonus: Demo Version), Simpatico (Bonus: Demo Verison), Queen of the Night (Bonus: Alternate Mix:Sitar Verison), Arabic Satori (Bonus: Live in the Studio Version), Dandyloin (Bonus: Live in the Studio Verison) Joe E. Furno - flute, vocals; Darin Guthrie - drums, saxophone; Carl Hall - dumbek, congas; Michael Henderson - guitar, oud; Fonda Insley - djembe, zills; Eric Johnson - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals; Scott Kerr - electric/acoustic percussion, drums; Jillian Lacroix-Martin - violin SlowBurn Records is proud to announce the release of Cobracalia's self-titled debut recording.  Cobracalia formed out of the now defunct Tucson psych-rock legends Black Sun Ensemble.  After BSE's founder/guitarist Jesus Acedo died in March of 2013, the band chose to continue to write, record and perform under the name Cobracalia, a song title from Black Sun Ensemble 1985 debut recording, as a tribute. The band began work on the self-titled debut in March of 2014.  The band's numbers swelled to 8 members after adding drummer Darin Guthrie, Jillian Lacroix-Martin on violin and Michael Henderson on guitar and oud for the CD release concert for Black Sun Ensemble's final recording "Behind Purple Clouds."  Cobracalia debut features this line-up, in addition to longtime BSE members Eric Johnson (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals); Scott Kerr (acoustic/electronic percussion); Joe E. Furno (flute, vocals); Carl Hall (percussion) and Fonda Insley (percussion). Cobracalia's debut takes another step forward for a group of musicians that have spent years looking beyond the backyard fenceposts.  Moving away from the Middle-Eastern influenced rock of "Behind Purple Clouds," the music decidedly more percussion heavy, often employing Guthrie's solid kit work along with various percussion from Insley, Kerr and Hall.  Songs like "Mandala," "Queen of the Night" and a reworking of BSE's "Egyptian Magician" play like sonic stories fueled by exotic percussion and Michael Henderson's electronics.  "Lotus" and "Gas Giant" are atmospheric adventures that are both contemplative and  transcendental.  There are two vocal songs in the collection, "Wrong Again," sung by flautist Joe E. Furno and "Fistful of Flowers" by Eric Johnson.  Both songs are both experimental and yet still operate within a pop song format, colored by creative textures and effects.  "Tijuana Mama," written by Eric Johnson is presented as a tribute to Black Sun Ensemble's late guitarist, Jesus Acedo.  One of the signature songs from this collection, "Arabic Satori," is a reworking Black Sun Ensemble's track from their 2003 release, "Starlight."  No doubt, this is the definitive version. Cobracalia's debut successfully combines the best of prog/psych-rock with World Music influences to create a unique sonic statement that both honors its lineage with Black Sun Ensemble and, at the same time,  has created its own musical universe.  According to Cobracalia's Eric Johnson, "So much of what we did with Black Sun Ensemble's "Behind Purple Clouds" felt like such a compromise.  It was not only sad to loose Jesus as a friend, he absence was felt in the way we finished the recording.  The Cobracalia project feels like a fresh start.  I don't say it lightly - I think its the best thing we have done in years." The digital download version of Cobracalia's self-titled debut includes six extra "bonus" tracks.  These tracks include live in the studio versions of "Dandyloin," and "Arabic Satori;" and demo versions of "Tijuana Mama," and "Simpatico."  Also included is alternate mix of "Queen of the Night," that features Eric Johnson on sitar guitar; and an alternate version of "Dandyloin."  Clocking in a 18 songs for digital download version of the project, no doubt makes this release a significant and in-depth achievement.

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