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After guitarist and founder of Black Sun Ensemble, Jesus Acedo passed away in March 2013, the remaining members of BSE formed Cobracalia, a largely instrumental ensemble with influences ranging from Arabesque melodies and rhythms, to electronic and trance and beyond.  The group initially included Scott Kerr (drums and percussion), Joe E Furno (flute) and Eric Johnson (bass, guitar and keyboards).  The group officially added long-time BSE compatriot and belly dancer Fonda Insley to assist not only with percussion, but also coordinate performances with her belly dance ensemble.  The group later added percussionist Carl Hall to further round out the rhythms and to assist in the development of music from traditional Middle-Eastern beats.   The group officially played their first gig at The Dance Loft in Tucson Arizona, June 14, 2013 - and has continued to play both in Tucson and regionally. Cobracalia Live at The Rialto Theater 1/27/14 In January 2014, Cobracalia orchestrated an ambitious celebration of the final Black Sun Ensemble release, "Behind Purple Clouds."  The event, taking place at Tucson's Rialto Theater, included films, more than a dozen dancers and guest musicians, including Tucson's Al Perry.  In order to present the music in grand fashion, Cobracalia added Darin Guthrie on drums, Jillian Lacroix-Martin on violin and Michael Henderson on oud, electric guitar and bass.  A film of the concert was edited and can now be found on Youtube called "Cobracalia The Behind Purple Clouds Concert." Cobracalia's new line up entered the studio in March of 2014 and began work on their debut CD, produced by Cobracalia's Eric Johnson.  The self-titled debut was released on SlowBurn Records on November 15, 2014.

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