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Previously unreleased collection (1990) [ti_audio name="Ella Guru Ella Guru"] songs --Conscience, Fried Chow, Electrical Field, Real, Rockin' In The Free World, Nosferatu, Praying Mantis, Easy Journey to Other Planets Young Arnold - bass; Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals; Doug McLaughlin - drums There is little that exists from the short-lived Ella Guru (1990) period.  A few minutes of Super 8mm film and a handful of recordings, some live others recorded at SlowBurn.  In May of 1990, Young Arnold (bass) and Eric Johnson (guitar/ vocals) teamed up with drummer Doug McLaughlin to try to develop some ideas that Arnold and Johnson had been beginning to explore.  Taking their cues from Hawkwind, Loop and Helios Creed and others, the band began to use repetition and rhythm to create song platforms that could support any number of solos, sound effects or vocals.   The result is pretty unusual.  Sometimes the music seems a little boring and simplistic, other times the slowly evolving hypnotic musical passages seem to work well. A transitory effort, the short lived Ella Guru achieved what it set out to do- get a good drummer and play repetitive, hypnotic structures.  Young Arnold (bass), Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar) and Doug McLaughlin (drums) slam through Universal/Isis Rising “Easy Journey to Other Planets,” and gets evil on “Nosferatu.” The trios showcase some song writing skills with “Electrical Field,” a prototype of much of the Sun Zoom Spark material years later. Ella Guru, whose name was pinched from a Captain Beefheart song, played a series of gigs around the Chicago-land area, ending their four-month existence in September 1990.  Young Arnold and Eric Johnson went on to play with Sun Zoom Spark in the late 1990s.  As for Doug McLaughlin, he fell off the radar after working for a year at a town-home complex then hitting the road towing a pop-top camper to tour different Bhuddist communities around the country. If you are out there Doug - all the best!   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 track recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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