Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, 1998¬†Eric Johnson (1971 ‚Äď)¬†is a Tucson Arizona-based musician who has played in numerous rock bands and engineered, mixed and produced dozens of recording projects.¬†¬†¬† Johnson is the founder of SlowBurn Records.

Johnson grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and took piano lessons as a child, switching to the guitar at 14.   Because he knew something of how music worked from the piano, he was able to teach himself basic 1st position chords quickly and found it fairly easy to sing along while playing.  Inevitably, Johnson found others in high school with similar interests and formed his first band in 1985.

Johnson studied visual arts in college.  He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin Madison and later a Master of Arts degree in Art Education from the University of Arizona.  Johnson became interested in taking the skills taught in a visual art program and applying the same aesthetic to music.    This became the pervasive style and approach that has informed all of his work.

Johnson has written and recorded dozens of projects since 1987, however, he has ¬†released few recordings bearing his name ‚Äď 2007‚Äôs ‚ÄúLo-Fi Christmas‚ÄĚ a collection of traditional Christmas carols given the old-school, four-track treatment. ¬†In 2013, he released his first official solo project, Eric Johnson’s Action Figures.

Currently, Eric Johnson is playing with Tucson’s Cobracalia and is working on a project written by former Infinite Beauties, Leo Graves, Jeremy Topp and Adam Lopez called “Samarata.”


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