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The "Feature Track" page is an index of one featured track from each of the official SlowBurn Records projects.   "Angel De La Guardia" from Black Sun Ensemble's Across The Sea Of Id: The Way To Eden [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Angel de la Guardia"] Originally called "Worms," "Angel De La Guardia" is featured on BSE's final studio album of new material with SlowBurn Records, Across The Sea Of Id: The Way To Eden.  Recorded at SlowBurn studio over the course of a few years starting in 2003, the track features Jesus Acedo - guitars; Eric Johnson - bass, drums; John Paul Marchand - percussion.   "St. Cecelia" from Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble St. Cecelia"] "St. Cecelia," is the closing track to BSE's 2006 release Bolt of Apollo. Recorded in 2003, this song is actually not the original version - it was released as the opener to BSE next album Across The Sea of Id: The Way to Eden. Jesus Acedo - guitar, cowbell; Eric Johnson - lead guitar, bass,samples; Ernie Mendoza - drums; Duncan Hudson - harp   "669" from Black Sun Ensemble's Hymn of the Master [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble 669"] "669," according to Acedo is a tribute to the god-father of soul James Brown (and maybe Led Zepplin indirectly).  Recorded in 2000, this song is the first of two versions of the same structure that appeared on Hymn, "999" being the second.  The title is curiously connected with "667" from the Psycho Master El project in 1994.  Jesus Acedo - guitar; Eric Johnson - synthesizer; Young Arnold - bass; Otto Terrorist - drums; Brian Maloney - sax.   "Arabic Satori" from Black Sun Ensemble's Starlight [ti_audio name="Black Sun Ensemble Arabic Satori"] "Arabic Satori" features the vocal delirium of Joseph Graves, the film noir/Spaghetti Western Fender Rhodes by Eric Johnson and the spider-like guitar of Jesus Acedo.  Featured on Starlight and recorded in 2001, "Arabic Satori" is a pretty unique piece of desert psych-rock.  Jesus Acedo - guitar; Duane Norman - trumpet; Eric Johnson - Fender Rhodes, bass, acoustic guitar; Otto Terrorist -drums and Joseph Graves - vocals   "Hard" from Blue Ruin's self-titled release [ti_audio name="Blue Ruin Hard"] "Hard" was recorded at singer Todd Streicher's studio in Madison Wisconsin in 1993 during a rehearsal.  Its was featured on the self-titled debut and is the only recording of the song known to exist.  The song represents a general shift toward harder, more riff-orientated music that came to dominate the band's final stage.  Todd Streicher - vocals; Peter Streicher - guitar; Eric Johnson - guitar; Steve Goetz - bass; Jason Goetz - drums "Spent Everything" from Bread and Circus's Spare Me Over [ti_audio name="Bread and Circus Spent Everything"] "Spent Everything" from Bread and Circus's Spare Me Over was recorded at Signalhouse, Tucson Arizona in 2006. Engineered by John Axtell, the track features John Axtell - vocals, guitar, organ; Eric Johnson - lead guitar, piano; Sam Donaldson - drums; Joe Yearego - bass   "Scud" from Burrough's Triangle self-titled release [ti_audio media="2047"] "Scud," written during first days of the Gulf War in 1991, was inspired by goofy-sounding weapons featured in much of the news coverage.   This live version of the song was recorded under the influence in July 1991.  Eric Johnson - guitar; Young Arnold - bass; Ben Johnston - drums.   "Deep As The Ocean" from Future 47's Space Noir. [ti_audio name="Featured Track"] Recorded in Geneva, Illinois November 1991.  Track featured here is the original version.  A new version of this song is featured on Future 47's Recordings 1989-1992 collection.  Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals.   "Little Drummer Boy" from Eric Johnson's Lo Fi Chrismas [ti_audio name="Eric Johnson Little Drummer Boy"] The Christmas classic "Little Drummer Boy" is featured on Eric Johnson's Lo Fi Christmas.  The project, recorded on the 4 track, is a collection of Christmas songs, recorded in 2007.  Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals.   "Clementine" from Sun Zoom Spark's Against The Giant [ti_audio media="2099" volume="100"] "Clementine" was the last song to be recorded for Sun Zoom Spark's debut effort, "Against The Giant." The neighbor decided to start his motorcycle during the guitar solo at the end, so it was left in for effect.  Eric Johnson - vocals, guitar; Steve Goetz - bass; Bryan Kohl - drums   "Sea of Tranquility" from Sun Zoom Spark's Alpha Jerk [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Sea of Tranquility"] "Sea of Tranquility" was a track that was initially intended as a demo for the upcoming Slightly Fantastic recording sessions in 1998.  The song was never pick up by the band, nor was it ever performed live with Sun Zoom Spark.  Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals   "Inna Di Poemhall" from Sun Zoom Spark's Electricity [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Inna Di Poemhall"] "Inna Di Poemhall" was loosely based on a poem by John Galuska.  Written in Jamaican Dub Poetry - style, the poem essentially is about the pen being mightier than the sword.  Recorded in 1999, the track features a skronking sax outro solo by Brian Maloney. Young Arnold - bass; Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals; Bryan Kohl - drums; Brian Maloney - sax.   "Put Out All The Sounds" from Sun Zoom Spark's Left for Dead [ti_audio name="Featured Listen II"] "Put Out All The Sounds" is the opening track to Sun Zoom Spark's Left for Dead project, originally recorded in 2001 and completed in 2010. Eric Johnson - guitar, keyboards; Bryan Kohl - drums; Steve Goetz  

    "Well of Souls" from Sun Zoom Spark's Saturn Return [ti_audio media="1979"] "Well of Souls," whose titled came from Egyptian chamber that led Indiana Jones to the Arc, was inspired by the Gypsy-style blues of Django Reinhardt.  Recorded in 2004, the instrumental was a regular part live shows during 2002-2004.  Eric Johnson - guitar; Brian Maloney - bass, sax; J Ratcliff - drums; Bobby Hepworth - keyboards.   "Soul Patch" from Sun Zoom Spark's Transmissions From Satellites Volume I [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Soul Patch"] "Soul Patch" is a featured song from the "Transmissions..." project, originally recorded in 1995.  Recorded in Madison Wisconsin, "Soul Patch" features Steve Goetz - bass, and Eric Johnson - drums, guitar and synthesizer   "Egyptian Queen" from Universal's Recordings 1987-1989 [ti_audio media="1926"] "Egyptian Queen" was recorded in Geneva Illinois in late 1987 and is one of the earliest original songs recorded during the Universal period.  It was updated in 2007 for inclusion on the compilation project "Recordings 1987-1989." "Egyptian Queen" was originally was featured on SlowBurn Records first collection of recorded material, "Blind Child and the Garden." Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals.    

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