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John Galuska

John Galuska, 1989John Galuska (1971 -) was an undergraduate student of anthropology at Beloit College in Wisconsin when he conceived the "Incidents of Travel in Central America" project.  Galuska, AKA "Johnny Oboe," had been playing the electric oboe and recorder for Beloit's Cesare's Dog, when he approached Eric Johnson and high school friend Jason Peer to help write and record a musical interpretation of anthropologist John Lloyd Stephens book "Incidents of Travel in Central America," published in 1841.  Galuska had a developing interest in poetry and began to write the lyrics to the project in 1990.  John Galuska continued to play with Cesare's Dog until the end of 1991, as his interest turned to Jamaican Dub Poetry. In 2001, Galuska again approached Eric Johnson and Bryan Kohl to help develop a project that he had written poetry/lyrics for called "Left For Dead. "  Johnson, Kohl and then-Sun Zoom Spark bassist Steve Goetz recorded 60 minutes of improvised material based on Galuska's poems - in one evening.   The band and Galuska never completed the project at the time and was essentially "left for dead" until Johnson completed the project in 2010.  Galuska went on to earn a doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology with a focus on Dub Poetry and has continued to spend time in Jamaica teaching, researching and promoting this art form.  (March 2010)

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