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Black Sun Ensemble at KXCI studios Tucson, 2001*     BSE through their various different incarnations have had two things in common - the first is Jesus Acedo, the second is that they make music that is impossible to put into words because it sounds like nothing else on earth. This latest release is no exception. It contains mostly instrumental tracks from the last studio CD - "Hymn of the Master" - with the addition of a new track "Loki's Monster's Brood". The sound is more raw and cutting than the studio album, somehow sounding more powerful and dense. The jammed out version of "Captain Wormwood" being the highlight for me - a long swirling instrumental with a subtly dissonant edge. The new track "Loki's Monster's Brood" comes a close second - another edgy instrumental with snaking guitar and sax. A couple of the tracks have vocals on and I wasn't really sure about Jesus's vocals at first - but the sheer strangeness kind of draws you into the music. In short I can't recommend this CD enough ... it has been on the portable CD player in my car pretty much constantly for the last month. If you haven't heard the Black Sun Ensemble before, this is as good an introduction as you'll get - the music ranges from the aural onslaught of the opening track to the beautiful calm of the closing "Song For Precious". If you are familiar with the BSE then you'll already guess that this is fantastic and don't need me to recommend it! Keep plucking those acoustic peacock feathers Jesus. ( *     LIVE FROM ORACLE? According to a cryptic press release received by Soundbites, local psych-rockers Black Sun Ensemble will be performing a show this week at "the Temple of Apollo at Delphi." Your guess is as good as mine what the hell that means, but we'll all have a chance to listen in for free as the show is broadcast live from 9 to 10 p.m. on Monday, September 10 on KXCI-FM 91.3. Bandleader Prince Master Blaster, aka Jesus Acedo, has also just completed a volume of poetry titled The Lycian, available for $3 at Toxic Ranch Records. The band's next album, Hymn of the Master, should be released by Australian label Camera Obscura any day now. - Tucson Weekly, 2001

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