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Number Three Combo Retrofitting

Number Three Combo Retrofitting Cover (2015)Released on SlowBurn Records September 1st 2015 songs - The Empty Quarter, Driftin' Blues, Sonora, Electric Funeral, Citadel, Beyond The Beyond, Lonely Road, Last River, Born Too Late Joe E. Furno - flute; Carl Hall - percussion, backing vocals; Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards Number Three Combo’s debut project, “Retrofitting” was created by ex-members of Black Sun Ensemble/Cobracalia, in an attempt to simplify their sound.  Number Three Combo is primarily an acoustic trio created by Eric Johnson on 12 string acoustic guitar, Carl Hall on dumbek, and Joe E. Furno on flute.  “Retrofitting” reflects this stripped down acoustic sound, while continuing to explore sonically creative psych-rock/folk music. The opener, “The Empty Quarter” features tabla drum loops, delay effects and Middle Eastern melodies.  However, the song never becomes about studio tricks and effects and relies on strong musical chops to explore this sonic landscape.  The band covers the blues standard, “Driftin’ Blues” and Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral” adding a unique spin on these classics.  From there, Number Three Combo walks comfortably thru the pastoral “Sonora,” Eric Johnson's solo acoustic number “Lonely Road,” and other ethereal 12 string acoustic meditations.  “Retrofitting” closes with the powerful, “Born Too Late,” an English folk style blues lamenting our place in history. “Born Too Late” features pulsing acoustic percussion, and stunning interplay between Johnson’s guitar and piano tracks with Joe E. Furno’s flute.  “Retrofitting” is a unique new musical avenue for these musicians and will appeal to fans of psych-folk and acoustic/ethic rock music.  

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