Number Three Combo Solarium

online cover NTC SolariumReleased September 15, 2016 on SlowBurn Records. songs: Banana Seat, Strangers & Enemies, Superstition Machine, Arabic Satori, Babylon Handcuff, Vlad, Dive, Future Sounds Of Tucson, The New Kingdom, The Grand Sky, Jakarta [Bonus Track: Studio Outtake], Rommulus [Bonus Track: Studio Outtake] Banana Seat [Bonus Track: demo], Superstition Machine [Bonus Track: demo], Babylon Handcuff [Bonus Track: demo], Vlad [Bonus Track: demo], Total Internal Reflection [Bonus Track: demo], The New Kingdom [Bonus Track: demo], Arabic Satori [Bonus Track: live], Jakarta [Bonus Track: live], The Grand Sky [Bonus Track: alternate mix] Joe E. Furno - flute, vocals; Carl Hall - acoustic percussion; Eric Johnson - organ, electronics, bass, vocals; Darin Guthrie - drums (on Arabic Satori [Bonus Track - live]), saxophone (Jakarta [Bonus Track:Live]); Brooke Anderson - zills (on The Grand Sky) Former members of Tucson's legendary psych-rock band, Black Sun Ensemble, formed Number Three Combo in 2014. The band's debut, "Retrofitting" was released in 2015 and featured a largely acoustic, psych-folk material. Number Three Combo's sophomore effort, "Solarium" is a marked departure from NTC's debut. "Solarium's" material is primarily electronic and keyboard-driven, in fact, there is no guitar to be found on the record. The common thread are the band member's contributions. Joe E. Furno's electronically treated flute appears throughout, adding an additional organic layer on the percolating drum loops and distorted Hammond Organ. Carl Hall's acoustic hand drums and percussion compliment the electronic elements and are arranged perfectly to lessen the mechanical nature of the digital sounds. Eric Johnson's Deep Purple/Uriah Heep organ parts work with the electronica seamlessly, creating a hybrid of rock, trance and ambient music. "Solarium's" material was originally written for a performance Number Three Combo was invited to give at Tucson's annual All Soul's Procession in 2014. For that performance, the band worked with a number of belly dance troupes, musicians, poets and artists to deliver a multi-media performance at the Procession's finale grounds. The material for the All Soul's Procession performance served as the template for "Solarium's" musical direction. The album is dedicated to those individuals who invited Number Three Combo to perform and inspired the creation of these ideas that culminated in "Solarium." From the hard hitting opener, "Banana Seat" to Tangerine Dream inspired arpeggiated soundscapes like "The Future Sounds of Tucson" to mediative, hypnotic sonic adventures like "The Grand Sky," "Solarium" is full of both interesting, evocative sounds and novel artistic vision. Inspired by the works of Hawkwind's Robert Calvert and David Bowie, the band offers two vocal songs, "Strangers & Enemies" and "Dive" with dramatic and catchy New Wave-esque results. Number Three Combo even offers an electronic version of Black Sun Ensemble's "Arabic Satori" and seems to deliver a definitive version of that song. "Solarium" is a unique spin on both psych-rock and electronica that will delight fans of either genre and beyond. The digital download version of "Solarium" includes 11 additional bonus tracks, featuring original live in the studio demos, studio out-takes, live tracks and alternate mixes of the "official" material.

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