Otto Terrorist Gets Licked!

Otto Terrorist Gets Licked cover 1998Limited cassette release (1998) [ti_audio name="Otto Terrorist Gets Licked!" volume="75"] songs - Voluntario, Over Here, Queen's Rules (Step!/Otto Terrorist Gets Licked!), Shady, When The Spirit Moves, This is the High Society, Who are the People in your Neighborhood?, Wrong Side/Sie Kommt, Rally in the Alley Otto Terrorist - all samples and vocals, except "This is the High Society;" Young Arnold - bass; Eric Johnson - synthesizer What Otto Terrorist initial created on 1996's Serpent Finds the Moon, gets expanded and in many ways simplified on Gets Licked! Interestingly, Otto Terrorist used only taped loops to create the structure of these songs.  Often he blends several different samples and the poly-rhythms that the loops create acts as transitions, solo sections, and crescendo.  Over top, Otto Terrorist weaves his voice with strong pop tendencies, creating an both an infectious experiment and listenable sonic adventure. Recorded at roughly the same time that Sun Zoom Spark was recording Electricity, the listener can see how both project compliment each other in both genre and sense of humor.  Parts of Gets Licked!, including "This is the High Society" were remixed and used for Electricity "Last Blues Finale" sequence at the very end of the project.  Otto Terrorist even includes an obscure cover of Come's "Wrong Side" in the sonic stew!

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