Otto Terrorist Serpent Finds The Moon

artwork from Otto Terrorist's Serpent finds the Moon project, 1997Limited cassette release (1996) [ti_audio name="Otto Terrorist Serpent Finds The Moon" volume="100"] songs - Rapture, Bottom Dwellers, Feeding Time, Love Between Man & Subway, Boys on the Fly, Home, Two Flames, Esther's Hymn, Raga-Rock Opera, Serpent Finds The Moon Otto Terrorist - all instruments, samples and vocals Otto Terrorist's debut effort - Serpent Finds The Moon is a unique hybrid of looped analog samples from reel to reel 1/4" tape and traditional rock accompaniment.  His spidery instrumentation, a little like cult guitar hero Snakefinger, weaves its way thru a curious cover of Blondie's "Rapture," the rock testimonial "Two Flames" and other sonic/found sound/collage adventures - and of course, a lot of hypnotic, rhythmic drumming.  Otto Terrorist went on to complete one more solo project, 1998's Otto Terrorist Gets Licked!

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