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Otto Terrorist

Otto Terrorist (2013)Bryan Kohl (1970 -), also known as Otto Terrorist has been a long-time drummer, musician and SlowBurn Records compatriot. Kohl was recruited to play drums for Cesare's Dog in 1989 by vocalist Jonathan Levitt.  Having recorded drums and percussion for a high school music project called "Rosetta Stone," Kohl quickly fell into place as Cesare's Dog "lead drummer," with his unique brand of high voltage punk/garage-rock battery. A few years later, Kohl moved to Madison Wisconsin, contributing to former Cesare's Dog guitarist/bassist Eric Johnson current band, Works. After Works split in the beginning of 1995, Kohl, along with the remaining members of Works, Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Steve Goetz (bass) formed Sun Zoom Spark and recorded "Against the Giant," before Johnson and Kohl moved to Tucson Arizona to search for something new. With plans to build a recording studio in Tucson, Kohl, along with Johnson and bassist Young Arnold gigged and recorded for the next five years with Sun Zoom Spark. It was during this time that Kohl began using the Otto Terrorist moniker and recorded two enigmatic recording projects, "Serpent Finds The Moon" (1996) and "Otto Terrorist Gets Licked" (1998). In 1999, Kohl joined Black Sun Ensemble which featured Jesus Acedo on guitar and original bassist Michael Glidewell.  During the following year, the group of musicians invested in professional recording equipment and merged Sun Zoom Spark with the reforming Black Sun Ensemble to release a series of albums licensed to Camera Obscura Records. In late September 2001, Kohl and family moved to New York City where he has worked at everything from selling Christmas trees to being a Emmy-winning editor at NBC, reuniting with Black Sun Ensemble at SXSW for performances in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Kohl was invited to record drums on Black Sun Ensemble's final CD Behind Purple Clouds (2013), where he contributed to several released tracks, as well as the single (vinyl 7 inch), "Captain Wormwood."

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