Behind Purple Clouds Artist

Shi Min FengsShi Min Feng born in 1968 in Beijing, is the Deputy Dean of the School of Art and Design at the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications. While having an extensive catalogue of photos and many exhibitions in China under his belt, Shi is on the cusp of gaining international exposure, given his formidable talent. “The details on the surface of Buddha, separating from the limitation of light and shadow, appears gradually from the lights coming from the rear, Buddha appears from the gaps in the rocks. The spiritual essence of ancestors, the disappearance of nature, the changes in humans, precipitates a thousand years’ of history with complicated symbols bombarding me. This is what I wanted.” Shi says he found the charm in using the Inverse process purely by accident, the dark part of image is lightened up after the inversing process - essentially a negative of the image. The ‘Buddha Lights’ appeared, as if the Buddha is enshrouded in light, then the whole image became meaningful. On another hand, the image after being inverted conveys the glamour of the Han dynasty portrait bricks, the pictures look exactly like rubbings. “At the beginning I was very excited with these photo, however as time passed by, I always felt there was something missing… I do not like simplicity. I want to carry more information and connotation in my photo. In today’s civilized world, the grottoes have lost their original function and meaning. They are reduced to simply being a tourist destination. It is really regretful,” he says. As he sees it, the world we are living in now is much like the chaotic world beneath the shadows of light, and human beings, regarding themselves as the “owners” of the world, are addicted to taking as many resources as they can from it. Humans no longer posses fear of the universe and have lost the opportunity to observe and think from a different perspective. “Perhaps when you bring yourself to a calm state of mind, watching the grotto in the twilight, you will find a misty Buddha figure standing in front of you, we are staring right at him, he is also looking at us and our world silently. The spirit from a thousand years suddenly connects with that from the modern world.“

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