Number Three Combo Resurfacing

songs - Resurfacing; The Diamond Mine; Killing Time; Heavy Is The Hand; Walking In The Air; Friends; Not For Long; Oh Well (Part I); Oh Well (Part II); Love Song; Laziness Is Next To Godliness; Fog And Steam; Band Blues; Let It Play To The End; End(less)   Tucson Arizona's Number Three Combo return with their final recording, Resurfacing, on SlowBurn Records.  The band, made up of ex-members of Tucson's legendary psych-rock band, Black Sun Ensemble, has created three very distinct recordings.  Number Three Combo's debut Retrofitting (SlowBurn Records, 2015) was a mellow, pastoral psych-folk outing, introducing the core elements of 12-string acoustic guitar, flute and hand drums that would continue to be foundational in their later work.   The follow-up to Retrofitting was remarkably different.  Solarium (SlowBurn Records, 2016) was an electronic music project that featured no guitar at all; however, the flute and hand drum/percussion make a return to compliment the cinematic-styled electronica.  The concluding project Resurfacing combines the flute, hand drum, acoustic guitar elements from Retrofitting with the more ethereal, textural sounds from Solarium, presented in a more traditional rock format.

The results are a unique blend of lyrically driven, yet acoustically-based psych-rock, cinematic sounding instrumentals and a couple of satisfying cover tunes.  The album opens with the title track - a short, percussion driven instrumental, then works its way thru various styles and moods.   These include the Black Sun Ensemble-influenced "The Diamond Mine," a Kinks/Stones-like rocker "Friends" and the syncopated groove of "Fog and Steam" - among others.

Flutist Joe E. Furno has never sounded better.  Giving up his effects-heavy flute style of past recordings, Furno opted to record the bulk of the flute for Resurfacing acoustically.  Furno also makes a vocal contribution to the Fleetwood Mac classic "Oh Well."  Many who know the song might not know that Fleetwood Mac recorded a "Oh Well Part II" on their release, Then Play On.  Fans of Peter Green-era Mac, Number Three Combo goes the extra mile with a cover of both parts of this classic.  Hand drummer Carl Hall returns on both djembe and dumbek, this time punctuated by former Cobracalia/ Muddy Bug drummer Darin Guthrie.   Guitarist Eric Johnson adds vocals to most of the tunes here, along with Hammond organ and some Mellotron sounding keyboard fun.  Rounding out the line-up, with his solid, foundational bass lines is Zac Seasley.   

In addition, the band includes a cover of Howard Blake's "Walking In The Air" from UK holiday favorite The Snowman, fitting in nicely within the collection of atmospheric ballads.   The project, and the band, conclude with "Let It Play To The End," appropriately titled good-bye song, summing up the musical journey.

Resurfacing is presented with original artwork created by Chicago artist Ben Johnston and photography by Nicci Radhe from Celesteal Photography, Tucson Arizona.

The digital version of Resurfacing also includes five bonus tracks.  These tracks are different alternate takes and demos to the featured songs from Resurfacing.

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