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Site Dedication

Vantage 12 string electric guitar - stolen in Milwaukee Wis, Nov 1991If you have found this page, you probably have read some of the history and context in which this work has been made.  The process is everything here.  There hasn't been a lot financial success; its the experience of creating and working together that has been so rewarding.  So much of the music is a reflection of the life and times of the people involved, it almost reads like a journal. Because of this, acknowledgement is important.  This site is dedicated to Ben Johnston, who as childhood friends helped me to see that the world of make-believe is awesome.  To Young Arnold, who began this journey with me, left, then came back 10 years later to carry on a bit more.  His dad Scott Arnold, who allowed us to use his PA, recorded demos on his reel to reel and taught me some key licks.  Steve and Jason Goetz, who were simply the most accomplished musician I ever played with - I learned a lot.  Bryan Kohl (aka Otto Terrorist), who saw things with a certain artistic sensibility and allowed me to see the power in partnership.  Jesus Acedo, whose playing is like both light and shadow, but can't tell you why.  John Axtell, who has taught me a lot about engineering, different genres and collaboration.  His support and encouragement has been absolutely essential to the creation of this site and continuing an interest in not only music but also searching for more out of life. This collection really is for all of us, with thanks.

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