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SlowBurn Historical Timeline II

June 1993- Blue Ruin guitarist, Pete Streicher leaves the band, the group changes their name to Brave Sun. SlowBurn records a collection of songs from the new line-up as the band splits because of stylistic differences. September 1993- Eric Johnson, along with Blue Ruin/Brave Sun rhythm section leaves Brave Sun and begins rehearing material. March 1994- SlowBurn Records completes production of the fourth and final collective project under the name Synesthesia, called “New Land.”  Synesthesia era comes to a close as the music seems to come full circle, abandoning the experimentalism of the past few years for more of a song-form based material.  SlowBurn Records abandons the seven year tradition of collective record projects.  After almost two dozen full length albums, SlowBurn Records chooses to focus on ensemble recording only. August 1994Cesare’s Dog drummer Bryan Kohl relocates to Madison Wisconsin. December 1994SlowBurn records “Works,” a collection of material by Eric Johnson, Jason Goetz and Steve Goetz.  After completing production on “Works,” drummer Jason Goetz moves to Denver to start his own sound reinforcement company.  Bryan Kohl takes his place on the drums.  The trio changes their collective name to Sun Zoom Spark. March 1995- SlowBurn completes production on the debut album by Sun Zoom Spark,“Against the Giant.August 1995- SlowBurn Records relocates to Tucson Arizona.  Steve Goetz stays in Madison.   Drummer Bryan Kohl relocates to Tucson.  Eric Johnson joins Tucson power-trio Tribe Azure, fronted by songwriter, bassist Ron Henry.  Johnson leaves the group later in the year to concentrate on Sun Zoom Spark. October 1996SlowBurn completes production on the second Sun Zoom Spark project, “The Red Planets.” The “Red Planets” line-up consisted of Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar, bass, Moog) and Bryan Kohl (drums, vocals, trombone). January 1997- Bassist Young Arnold relocates to Tucson and rejoins the SlowBurn team after six years.  A live line-up now complete, Johnson, Arnold and Kohl begin rehearsing as Sun Zoom Spark. January 1998- After 11 years of recording, SlowBurn Records publishes its first commercial release, the self-titled Sun Zoom Spark. The album receives critical acclaim in local, national and international publications.  Sun Zoom Spark plays their first official gig at Press 101 in Tucson. December 1998- SlowBurn completes production of a collection of demos by Eric Johnson, called “Coming Down.” April 1999- SlowBurn releases Sun Zoom Spark’s follow-up, “Electricity.”  Again, the album receives praise from critics internationally. August 1999- Sun Zoom Spark is approached by author John Paul Marchand to assist in arranging and recording his rock opera, “Twitch-A Rock Opera from the Earth.” Sun Zoom Spark and SlowBurn begin production of the opera. April 2000- SlowBurn invests in a digital recording studio and abandons the 4 tracktradition of the last 13 years. June 2000- Sun Zoom Spark team up with legendary acid rock band Black SunEnsemble to record “Hymn of the Master, Black Sun’s first studio album in seven years.  The ensemble consisted by Prince Master Blaster Jesus Acedo (guitar, vocals), Eric Johnson (bass, Moog, guitar, vocals) Bryan Kohl (a.k.a. Otto Terrorist)(drums), and Spectro’s Brian Maloney (tenor saxophone).  Sun Zoom Spark bassist Young Arnold leaves Sun Zoom Spark, putting the band on hiatus. December 2000- Bassist Steve Goetz relocates to Tucson and rejoins the SlowBurn team after five years. January 2001- Black Sun Ensemble is invited to open of Seattle’s Mudhoney. February 2001- SlowBurn completes production on Black Sun Ensemble’sHymn of the Master” and John Paul Marchand’s rock opera, “Twitch-A Rock Opera from the Earth.” The original Sun Zoom Spark, Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar), Steve Goetz (bass) and Bryan Kohl (drums) begin production on a follow up to 1999’s “Electricity” with a working title, “Blues and Evil.” The title of the project was later changed to “In Stereo.” May 2001 - Sun Zoom Spark, with Eric Johnson (guitar), Steve Goetz (bass) and Bryan Kohl (drums) record John Galuska's "Left For Dead." The project is finally completed in 2010. June 2001- Black Sun Ensemble reenter SlowBurn Studios to start production on the “Hymn of the Master” follow-up “Starlight and the StarBrites.”  The title was later shortened to “Starlight.” The line-up for this project included Prince Master Blaster Jesus Acedo (guitar, vocals), Eric Johnson (bass, banjo, vocals, keyboards, guitar), Bryan Kohl (a.k.a. Otto Terrorist)(drums), Brian Maloney (tenor saxophone), gypsy-blues troubadour Nervous Duane Norman (guitar, tenor saxophone, flute),  and Infinite Beauties front man Joseph Graves (vocals, percussion, bass). September 10, 2001- Black Sun Ensemble plays live on KXCI 91.3 FM in Tucson.  The performance was recorded by Duncan Hudson and John Axtell.  Later that month drummer Bryan Kohl relocates to New York City.

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