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SlowBurn Historical Timeline III

March 2002- Black Sun Ensemble is invited to perform at Austin’s SXSW music festival. Infinite Beauties drummer Jeremy Topp replaces Bryan Kohl and John Paul Marchand replaces Joseph Graves on percussion for the event. SlowBurn releases Black Sun Ensemble’s 9/10/01 radio performance “Live At KXCI” as well as Sun Zoom Spark’s follow-up to “Electricity” called “In Stereo.” Sun Zoom Spark bassist Steve Goetz relocates to Denver. September 2002- John Paul Marchand’s rock opera “Twitch-A Rock Opera from the Earth” is brought to the stage by Tucson’s Sparrow and Cicada Theater WorksSun Zoom Spark reforms to provide the music for the production.   The new Sun Zoom Spark line-up consists of founder Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar), Black Sun Ensemble’s saxophonist Brian Maloney (bass), Tucson’s Greyhound Soul organist Bobby Hepworth (organ and synthesizer) and J Ratcliff (drums).  SlowBurn releases the studio recording of “Twitch-A Rock Opera from the Earth.” December 2002- The reformed Sun Zoom Spark play a benefit concert covering only Camper Van Beethoven songs.  Black Sun Ensemble begins work on a follow-up to “Starlight” with the working title “Bolt of Apollo,” though pre-production rehearsals are halted because ‘internal instability.’ January 2003- Jesus Acedo briefly changes his moniker to Jesus Angel De La Pas as Black Sun Ensemble play their ‘final’ live performance at Tucson’s Club Congress, as per guitarist Acedo’s request.  The band will operate strictly as a studio ensemble in the future. This apparent retirement from live performance was forgotten by summer 2003 as BSE plays a string of gigs in the Hotel Congress lobby. March 2003- Sun Zoom Spark returns to the local stage in Tucson playing both new and old material.  Sun Zoom Spark begins to consider a new recording project.  Black Sun Ensemble is invited to return to Austin for the 2003 SXSW music festival, however, guitarist Jesus Acedo declines the invitation. May 2003- SlowBurn begins a recording project for Tucson’s power-vocalist, ReyTester. SlowBurn re-releases Sun Zoom Spark’s 1999 release “Electricity.” The release features a slick new mastering job by Cranky Jesus Studio’s John Axtell and new packaging. June 2003- Black Sun Ensemble guitarist changes his moniker back to Prince Master Blaster as recruits former Illuminarios drummer Ernie Mendoza to resume pre-production rehearsal for BSE’s “Bolt of Apollo.” July 2003- Black Sun Ensemble regroup to perform a causal gig in the Club Congress lobby in Tucson.  Eric Johnson, Brian Maloney and Bobby Hepworth also play several Sun Zoom Spark songs.  Joseph Graves and Adam Lopez of Tucson’s Infinite Beauties also contribute to the set. August 2003 - Black Sun Ensemble's "Starlight" is released.  Recorded by SlowBurn Records and licensed by Camera Obscura Records, the project received critical acclaim internationally.  Also, film-maker Jonathan Levitt completes a music video, shot on location in China for "Starlight's," "Jewel of the Seven Stars." November 2003 - Sun Zoom Spark releases the instrumental "Transmissions From Satellites Volume One." Sun Zoom Spark also play the annual Great Cover-Up Benefit Concert covering only Sonic Youth songs. December 1, 2003 - A big day in SlowBurn history.  SlowBurn studio moves to a new location.  After being located in downtown Tucson for 5 1/2 years, SlowBurn relocates to its own house which is part of the Camino Real Artist Studios in Tucson. March 2004 - Sun Zoom Spark officially begins recording for their new project at SlowBurn Studios. The project still does not have a working title. Black Sun Ensemble makes a trimuphant return to Austin's SXSW music festival.  The line up featured Prince Master Blaster Angel de la Paz Jesus Acedo on Eye of Horus sitar guitar, Eric Johnson on banjo, bass, kick drum and hi hat, Brian Maloney on sax, John Paul Marchand on percussion and SlowBurn 15 year veteran Bryan Kohl (Otto Terrorist) flew in from New York City to play percussion and trap set with the band. May 2004 - Sun Zoom Spark completes recording of their 5th offical release, Saturn Return,, mixing begins. Bobby Hepworth leaves and the group and Tucson relocating to New York City. August 2004- Mixing begins on Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo. November 2004 - Sun Zoom Spark makes their third appearance at Tucson;s Great Cover-Up Benefit gig.  This year the band covers songs for 60s psych-rock legends, 13th Floor Elevators. After the gig, J Ratcliff leaves the band to front his own group. January 2005 - SlowBurn Records releases two new collections; Black Sun Ensemble's Live At KXCI Volume II and Works, a from-the-vault recording from 1994.    Black Sun Ensemble is once again invited to play at 2005's SXSW music festival in Austin. March 2005 - Black Sun Ensemble plays at SXSW music festival in Austin.  The line-up for the gigs were Jesus Angel del Paz on sitar/electric guitar, Eric Johnson on bass, banjo, kick drum/hi-hat, John Paul Marchand on percusion and electronic tambora and Brian Maloney on tenor sax.  Mixing on BSE's "Bolt of Apollo" is completed. April 2005 - Sun Zoom Spark is included on a Chrome tribute album released this month by Akivator Records called "You Have Been Duplicated". SZS covers the 1979 song "March of the Chrome Police". Sun Zoom Spark releases their 5th offical studio release, "Saturn Return." Overdub work begins on Black Sun Ensemble's "Seas of Id." Two songs from Twitch, "Stone God Awakens" and "She Enters the Dream" are remixed to be included in the film version of the rock opera.

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