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SlowBurn Historical Timeline IV

July 2005 -- After nearly eight years, Sun Zoom Spark plays its final gig, a tribute concert for local Tucson community station, KXCI, covering material by The KInks. October 2005 -- Eric Johnson begins work on a project by John Axtell called Bread and Circus, recording backing vocals, percussion, and guitar December 15, 2005 -- Black Sun Ensemble celebrates their 20th anniversary with a series of gigs in Tucson. BSE's Bolt of Apollo is licensed to Camera Obscura Records with a release date of May 2006. February 2006 – After six years, Eric Johnson quits Black Sun Ensemble, although vows to complete the work in progress, “Across the Seas of Id: A Way to Eden,” which looks like the current line-up’s swan song. March 2006 – After 2.5 years of residence at Camino Real Studios, SlowBurn studio relocates to Eric Johnson's new residence in Tucson. October 2006 - Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo is released on Camera Obscura Records.  Mixing begins on Bread and Circus's CD "Spare Me Over." December 2006 - Bread and Circus play their first gig at Tucson's The Hut. March 2007 - Bread and Circus release their debut CD "Spare Me Over." July 2007 - SlowBurn Records celebrates 20 years of recording with the release of Universal: Recordings 1987-1989, a special 2 CD compilation of early recordings from the beginning. December 2007 - SlowBurn Records releases its first, and last(?), Christmas album "Lo-Fi Christmas" by Eric Johnson. March 2008 - Production has begun and Bread and Circus's second album tentatively titled "Born Again Again."  Productions materials for BSE's Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden were shipped to Camera Obscura Records.   June 2008 - Black Sun Ensemble's Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden is licensed to Camera Obscura Records and release this month. February 2009 - Eric Johnson begins recording the self-titled Special Patrol Group project. May 2009 - Eric Johnson finishes mixing the Synesthesia: Recording 1992-1994 project. November 2009 - Eric Johnson finishes overdubs and mixing on Sun Zoom Spark's "Left for Dead" project. July 2010 - Overdubs are completed on Bread and Circus's "Born Again Again" project as John Axtell relocates to Los Angeles California.  Bread and Circus, for all practical purposes, ends its five-year history. October 2010 - SlowBurn Records duplicates and releases its first film.  The documentary, Sun Zoom Spark "Saturn Return" is completed.  Work begins on new SlowBurn Records website - this site! January 2011 - Editing, mixing and mastering is completed on Black Sun Ensemble's Live at KXCI DVD.  The project feature additional gig from 2001, recorded in eight track digital sound, synced to its video counterpart. June 2011 - Work on the new SlowBurn Records website nears completion.  While additional media, information, and features will be added in the future.  All of the SlowBurn projects are now available online to stream - for the first time. December 2011 - SlowBurn Records releases its first official film project - Sun Zoom Spark Saturn Return documentary DVD. August 2012 - Black Sun Ensemble reforms and begins rehearsing for upcoming dates and possible new recording.  Jesus Acedo - guitar; Scott Kerr - drums, percussion; Eric Johnson - bass; Joe E Furno - flute February 2013 -Black Sun Ensemble record a new version of "CaptainWormwood" for a proposed 7" with Tucson's Dead Chiefs.  Otto Terrorist joins the band for the recording.  Black Sun Ensemble plays its last show 2/23/13 Solar Culture. March 4, 2013 - Black Sun Ensemble guitarist, Jesus Acedo dies in his apartment in Tucson Arizona.  He was 50 years old.

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