SlowBurn Historical Timeline VI

Sundarata 12/2014January 2015 – SlowBurn Records releases Sundarata’s debut, “Language of the Stars.”  The project features songs written by Adam Lopez, Jeremy Topp, and Leo Graves.  Bassist, Eric Johnson engineers and mixes the project.  SlowBurn Records also releases the long-awaited “Born Again Again” by Bread and Circus.  


June 2015 – Sundarata begins work on follow up album at Duncan Hudson’s Tortuga Studios in Tucson.  Production on that project pauses before completing the project.

July 2015 – Number Three Combo is approached by belly dance troupe HipNautique with Darin Guthrie (drums) and Zac Seasley (bass) to create a music/dance hybrid called The Grand Sky Collective.  The project was abandon a couple of months later due to logistical issues.  Guthrie and Seasley stay with Number Three Combo and plans a CD release party of “Retrofitting.”

October 2015 – Number Three Combo play their CD release party at the Hut with Darin Guthrie (drums) and Zac Seasley (bass)

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