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SlowBurn Records News 2003

December 23, 2003 --Happy Holidays!  A new section has been added to the SlowBurn website.  The "SlowBurn Images" section indexes images taken by various photographers over the years.  We got alot of pics in the archives, most of which have never seen the light of day.  We will be continuing to add to this section until we get them all up on the website.
In other news, Sun Zoom Spark ended up the fall season by playing an after hours Christmas-Lingerie show at the Sangin building in Tucson. SZS now begins the task of recording material for a new album. Black Sun Ensemble has again run into some drama among its ranks.  However, slow progress is being made on their eleventh record to date called Bolt of Apollo. This project has a tentative release date of fall 2004.
November 19, 2003- SlowBurn records is pleased to announce the offical release of Sun Zoom Spark'sTransmissions From Satellites project.” A mostly instrumental effort, “Transmissions...” is an interesting addition to the SZS collection.  Check it out!  Plus a small second pressing of Sun Zoom Spark'sIn Stereo” is also now available! October 31, 2003 -Happy Halloween.  Thought we should post Sun Zoom Spark's gig schedule for the next several weeks. SZS is scheduled to perform 11/2 at Club Congress, 11/6 at Seven Black Cats, 11/19 at Club Congress for the Great Cover-Up Benefit Concert (SZS will be covering 80s indie rock icons Sonic Youth) 11/22 at Fat Tuesday's and 11/28 at Seven Black Cats. All for now. October 25, 2003 -We would like to extend a special SlowBurn congratulations to former Cesare's Dog front-man-turned film maker Jonathan Levitt for his appearance in the film "Kill Bill."  Jonathan is the big guy in the blue shirt dancing during the band sequence. Remember the little people, Jonathan! October 20, 2003 -Have a couple of things to report...The new Black Sun Ensemble project is moving  along.  Yesterday, we had a recording session with Rich Hopkins of Tucson's Luminarios at SlowBurn Studios.  Rich recorded some leads for the project.  A completion date for this new project called "Bolt Of Apollo" is pretty far off.
In other Black Sun related news, SlowBurn collaborator and one-time lead singer for Cesare's Dog-turned movie director Jonathan Levitt has filmed BSE's first music video for "Jewel Of The Seven Stars." Shot on location in China, Levitt brings home all the exotica of BSE's blissed out raga-like song from this years "Starlight" CD (liscensed and available thru the good people at Camera Obscura Records).  We are planning to make this video available for consumers soon and maybe even get some to stream from this website if the gods of technology are smiling on us.  More on this later.
In other news,  Sun Zoom Spark is gearing up for a gig at Vaudeville Cabaret in Tucson on October 30. If you are in town, please attend and receive your complimentary Sun Zoom Spark temporary tattoos to alienate your parents.
October 2003 -Well, I think we have finally pulled our resources together and created a website for SlowBurn! While we are very proud of ourselves, the site obviously is under contruction.  We will be continuing to update our site, but in the mean time, if you have any question about the site, our label or our releases, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at Slowburnrecordings@yahoo.com

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