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SlowBurn Records News 2004

November 25, 2004 -- The second half of an interview with BSE guitarist Jesus Acedo has no been transcribed. Acedo discusses the BSE'slong history and his vision of future endeavors. October 18, 2004 -- An update on developments:  In Sun Zoom Spark news, the band has now completed their fifth offical release.  The project is now waiting to be mastered and should be available shortly. A title for the project is still up in the air, so if you have suggestions, please email them to us. Sun Zoom Spark has also completed work on their contribution to the Chrome tribute album, available in early 2005 on Aktivator Records.
SZS is also scheduled to play 2004's Great Cover Up Benefit Concert in Tucson, November 10-13.  This year the band is covering Texas psych-rock legends, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators.
In Black Sun Ensemble news,  mixing on “Bolt of Apollo” is nearing the half way point.  SlowBurn friend John Axtell is scheduled to record some violin to put the finishing touches on the project.  Black Sun Ensemble has also mastered a radio show that was simulcast on the web in March 2004.  “Live at KXCI Volume II” should be available shortly.  There is also some talk about a BSE DVD which will have both “Live at KXCI” shows and some extra footage and interviews.   American filmmaker and Bejiing China resident Jonathan Levitt is schedule to shoot a new BSE video for "Bolt of Apollo's" opener, “The Shining One.” Stay tuned!!!!
August 4, 2004 -- Where does the time go? Now that we have entered the final phase of the Tucson summer, the heat and the endless sunlight has begun to take its toll.  Astonishingly, progress has been made on some of the projects slated for the summer.  Sun Zoom Spark is continuing to complete their contribution for the Chrome tribute album.  The song is being recorded at the hi-tech sound facility of Cranky Jesus Studio in Tucson, engineered by John Axtell.  Since SZS drummer J Ratcliff is out of the country for the summer, Ballad of Johnny Glen drummer, Brian Kessler will be filling in. Meanwhile, mixing continues on SZS's new CD.
In Black Sun Ensemble news there has been a flurry of recording activity on BSE's new project, “Bolt of Apollo.” Completion of the project is still several months off.  There is a new interview with Jesus Acedo posted on a South American progressive rock website.
June 23, 2004 -- Sun Zoom Spark is to be included on a Chrome tribute album, to be released in January 2005.  The band will be covering Chrome's “March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clamey Bombing)” from their 1980 release “Half Machine Lip Moves.” The album, called “You've Been Duplicated: Burning to Disc in the Cyberage,” will be released on Aktivator Records. June 10, 2004 -- Found an interesting personal account of the last BSE show on Wednesday night at Club La Nuit. June 5, 2004 -- IN TRIBUTE - The mystical, musical magic that is Tucson's Black Sun Ensemble can be heard live this week in a performance they're dedicating to the memory of Chicago Music Store owners Joe and Phil Levkowitz, both of whom passed away recently. In a letter sent to us by Black Sun frontman Jesus Acedo, he writes: "Joe was the hot instant sale salesman, and Phil was the man behind the counter taking your money and checking your account balance. I have fond memories of them both since I had been dealing with them since the Peter Frampton summer of 1976 to the present. May they rest in peace ... I really cried when I heard of Joe and Phil's passing away, both. This gig will be in loving memory of them ..." Our condolences go out to their families.
The Black Sun Ensemble show will also include poetry readings by Acedo. It begins at 9 p.m. Wednesday, June 9, at Club La Nuit, 310 E. Congress St.
May 25, 2004 -- Some sad news to report: we are saying our goodbyes to our good friend and Sun Zoom Spark organist Bobby Hepworth who is relocating next week to New York City.  The good news is two fold:  Sun Zoom Spark has completed the majority of recording for their new CD “Saturn Return,” which will feature Bobby on everything from backing vocals to Melodian.  Also, SlowBurn studio is having a going away party for Bobby at the studio itself, May 30.  Scheduled to perform is Sun Zoom SparkBlack Sun EnsembleGreyhound Soul and Glen Corey.  If you are in Tucson and want to drop by, email us for information.
The hot summertime in Tucson has traditionally been the recording season at SlowBurn.  This year is no exception. Projects slated to be completed by fall include: Sun Zoom SparkSaturn Return;" Works “s/t;" Black Sun Ensemble “Bolt of Apollo;" Black Sun Ensemble “Seas of Id;" Black Sun Ensemble “Live at KXCI Volume II." Stay tuned for updates on these releases!
May 5, 2004 -- Just an update of development from the last 6 weeks: Sun Zoom Spark has been furiously recording their 5th offical release at SlowBurn Studio.  All of the backing tracks for the project have been recorded and the band is now finishing overdubs.  The project does not have a working title yet but there is still time as the release date for the project is in September 2004.
Black Sun Ensemble have been playing a series of gigs around Tucson recently.  Jesus has a new moniker "Boy Jupiter" and has reinvented himself once again as the band abandons their full rock band set for a more semi-acoustic, instrumental presentation.  The band played a webcast radio showcase back in March.  The session was recorded and the band is considering releasing the radio program, with interviews, as a companion CD to BSE's 2002 release "LIve At KXCI." Stay tuned!
March 30, 2004 --A note for Black Sun Ensemble fans --we have collected a scrapebook of a few pictures taken by members of the band on their trip out to Austin Texas for this years SXSW gig. March 21, 2004- We are happy to report that Black Sun Ensemble has safely made it back to the Old Pueblo from their second appearance at Austin's SXSW music festival.  When asked, "Well, Jesus, what did we learn from our week in Austin?"  BSE guitarist replied, "We learned that there are alot of kind people in Austin and friends of Black Sun!"  We would like to give a shout out to Jordan Erdos for allowing BSE to stay at his place, ST37 and Primordial Undermind for all of their support -all of you guys were great.  BSE could not have played without the help of our Austin friends!  Many, many thanks!
Tune in tonight for a live webcast of Black Sun Ensemble on KXCI 91.3 FM Tucson at 8PM Mountain-time USA.
Feburary 25, 2004- We have two pieces of news to report regarding Black Sun Ensemble. First, BSE is scheduled to play at this years SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, Wednesday March 17, 2004.  They are playing at 12AM at the Blender Room at The Ritz. Feburary 24, 2004- Sun Zoom Spark has been included on a compilation by Tucson community radio station KXCI 91.3 FM.  The compliation, a collection of songs recorded live for the Locals Only radio show,  also includes tracks by Howe Gelb, Nick Luca Trio, Oslo, Last Call Brawlers among others. Feburary 4, 2004 - The Downtown Tucsonan wrote a nice piece on recording projects in the Old Pueblo and were nice enough to include  Black Sun Ensemble's "Starlight" and Sun Zoom Spark's "Transmissions from Satellites Volume One" as featured releases. January 28, 2004 - I have some very sad news to report today.  Tucson singer/songwriter and SlowBurn friend Rey Tester passed away last Monday.  Rey was a compassionate soul who I had met through my job working with people with disabilities.  Later, he worked for the YMCA afterschool program where he looked after my son, Aiden.  Rey was a central figure in the creation of John Paul Marchand's rock opera Twitch where he played the character of the Ordinary Man, a role that he took to the stage with us in September 2002.  June 2003, Rey entered SlowBurn studios to record a collection of acoustic originals and covers.  I gave him a rough mix of the project in late summer and didnt see him again.  Rey had one hell of a voice.  The SlowBurn family would like to say a grateful thank you Rey for your spirit, enthuisiam, support and talent. Peace. January 27, 2004 -It has now been confirmed that Black Sun Ensemble will be playing at this years South By Southwest music festival in Austin Texas.  The band is tenatively scheduled to perform Wednesday, March 17.  The line up will include Jesus Acedo on sitar guitar, Brian Maloney on tenor sax, Eric Johnson on banjo, kick drum, and hi-hat, plus the imfamous Otto Terrorist is scheduled to fly in from New York City to join BSE on percussion.  The jury is still out if Twitch creator John Paul Marchand will be coming to Austin to also play percussion with the band.  BSE played 2002's SXSW festival in Austin.  Besides that BSE has not performed out of Arizona is over 12 years.  If you in the area, come check out this very rare performance!
Plus! Sun Zoom Spark's "Transmissions From Satellites Volume One" just got reviewed by Fred Mills in Magnet magazine!  Thanks again to our friend, Fred 'Dr. Raak' Mills.
January 15, 2004 -I was browsing the official Black Sun Ensemble site yesterday and noticed that the band has a page dedicated to late Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones.  This Brian Jones Shrine has a guest book to sign and share your thoughts on Brian Jones and his contribution to rock and roll.. Disclaimer: the views expressed on the Brian Jones Shrine page by the Black Sun Ensemble do not necessarily reflect the views of SlowBurn Records.

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