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December 15, 2005 -- 20 years of Black Sun Ensemble music is celebrated tonight at Plush in Tucson with a CD release party for Bolt of Apollo! The Tucson Weekly says, "Acedo remains a stunning guitarist with the release of Bolt of Apollo, a fine distillation of Eastern-influenced psychedelic raga-rock!" The Downtown Tucsonan calls Bolt of Apollo an "absolute gem and a must-have for times of cosmic contemplation -and otherwise."
In addition, SlowBurn Records is proud to license Bolt of Apollo to Austrialia's Camera Obscura Records, with an international release date in the first quarter of 2006.
December 5, 2005 -- A nice review of Sun Zoom Spark's Saturn Return has been written by Jeff Fitzgerald for Aural Innovations. November 23, 2005 -- Black Sun Ensemble is proud to welcome Lelia Lopez to the band on drums for the upcoming gigs in December. Lelia is a talented singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from Tucson. November 21, 2005 --  Sorry about the lengthy pause in updates, we have had some sustained computer trouble but now things look like they are back on track.
Black Sun Enemble is scheduled to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a pair of show in December in Tucson.  12/10 at the 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair at 4pm and at Plush, 12/15 at 11pm.
Also, longtime Black Sun/Sun Zoom Spark member Brian Maloney has put together a film, Pieces of Light, with music by Tucson's Photon.  This project, along with a live performance by Photon will be available on DVD soon.
September 20, 2005 -- The time has flown by as our desert summer retreats into autumn and it feels like like we can show our heads out in the sun again.  Sorry about not updating the site in the last few months,  however progress has been made in the meantime.  We are moving ever closer with Black Sun Ensemble's new release Bolt of Apollo.  We now plan for this release to become available in late October.  We also plan to have streaming video samples of the music video for Jewel of the Seven Stars that will be encoded onto each disc, up on this site shortly, so stay tuned! July 22, 2005 -- A low quality video has surfaced from The Kinks tribute night benefiting Tucson community radio station KXCISun Zoom Spark would like to thank Nathan and Brian for filling in on guitar and drums, respectively. July 5, 2005 -- An interview with Sun Zoom Spark's Eric Johnson, Al Perry and Galactic Federation of Love's Brad Trojan about The Kinks tribute night at Plush for Tucson community radio station KXCI, has been published for the radio station's newsletter. June 11, 2005 -- A tribute night to The Kinks is planned to raise money for Tucson community radio station KXCI 91.3 FM.  Sun Zoom Spark, along with Al Perry and the Cattle, Nowhere Man, Galactic Federation of Love, Leila Lopez and others will perform at Plush, in Tucson, July 7, 2005.  If you are around please come out to support this worthy event and enjoy the genius of Kinks music.. May 13, 2005 -- We have been getting several inquiries regarding the release date of Black Sun Ensemble's new CD Bolt of Apollo.  Currently, the production and layout is complete.  We are waiting for a video that will be encoded on each CD to be edited and finalized.  We are hoping to have a release date by 10/1/05.  Thanks for all of your interest, we will keep you posted as new developments occur. May 9, 2005 -- SlowBurn Records is proud to announce the completion and release of Sun Zoom Spark's new CD, Saturn Return. Recorded at the band’s studio January through June 2004 in Tucson Arizona, Saturn Return is a diverse and addictive collection of material.  Almost 70 minutes of music, Saturn Return highlights a new line-up for the group featuring Black Sun Ensemble’s Brian Maloney on bass and saxophone, Tucson’s Greyhound Soul organist Bobby Hepworth on Rhodes, Hammond and Melodian and J Ratcliff on drums.   Singer/songwriter and guitarist Eric Johnson, who founded Sun Zoom Spark in 1995, creates a timeless collection of songs that are steeped in power-blues, pop and fully realized psych-rock. May 4, 2005 -- Some news to report:  An interview with Sun Zoom Spark guitarist/vocalist Eric Johnson has appeared on nucleusprog.com.ar - a very cool Argentinian website.
Also a nice review of Black Sun Ensemble's “Live at KXCI Volume II” has appeared in the Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine.
April 26, 2005 -- Some may have noticed that the Black Sun Ensemble site has disappeared into cyber-space.  The band is trying to get it back, only better this time.  Sorry about the confusion, please stay tuned.  For those who would like to contact BSE, please email us at SlowBurn Records and we will pass on the message. March 25, 2005 -- A Chrome tribute album called "You Have Been Duplicated" has been released and is now available for purchase through Aktivator RecordsSun Zoom Spark has contributed to the collection, covering Chrome's "March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clamey Bombing)." "You've Been Duplicated" also features radical reversions and incendiary mutations of numerous Chrome classics by Dark Sun, ST 37, The Moor, Jet Jaguar, Scattered Planets, Sub-Primitive, Subzone, Slow Belly, Orgone, Rectoplasm, Malombra, Cash Slave Clique, and The JFK Jr.'s Airforce. What are you waiting for? March 23, 2005 -- Well alright! Black Sun Ensemble has returned to Tucson from another blow-out week at Austin's SXSW music festival.  BSE played two gigs; one at the Whisky Bar and a day show at Mrs. Bea's with two other fine bands, Drunk Horse and Iron Kite. As always BSE could not have pulled off SXSW without the help of our friends; Jordan Erdos, The Church of the Friendly Ghost, ST37, Twyla the Belly Dancer and Bill, Kristen and The Antarticans. Thanks to you all for your kindness and generousity! Feburary 23, 2005 -- We have finally got the offical word that Black Sun Ensemble will be performing in Austin at this years SXSW festival Saturday, March 19, 2005, at 11PM at the Whiskey Bar. January 10, 2005 -- We are proud to announce that Black Sun Ensemble has been invited to this year's SXSW music festival in Austin.  The festival usually takes place during the third week in March.  Dates and times have not been annouced yet, so stay tuned! January 4, 2005 -- SlowBurn Records is proud to offer a new collection from Tucson's Black Sun Ensemble.  Now available!  Live at KXCI Volume II is the second limited edition pressing of material that Black Sun Ensemble has published through SlowBurn Records.  This recording is a sharp contrast to the metal-machine onslaught of 2002's Live at KXCI Volume I.  On both recordings, BSE finds themselves playing live for the popular community radio station show Locals Only in Tucson.   However, the music here is presented in a completely different way than the previous collection.
Also, we have discovered that we have only 5 more copies of Black Sun Ensemble's 2002 release “Live At KXCI Volume I.” This CD wil not be duplicated in the future so order now!
January 1, 2005 -- Good Golly! Another year gone by!  Looking back at 2004, the lesson might be that patience is a skill.  Happy New Year from your friends at SlowBurn Records!
For the first time on compact disc, SlowBurn Records is proud to introduce Works.  Originally recorded in 1994, Works in another installment of from-the-vault projects that got lost somewhere along the way.  In 1993, brothers Steve and Jason Goetz, along with guitarist Eric Johnson left the Madison Wisconsin quintet, Blue Ruin to pursue new musical avenues.  The result is this 70+minute collection of largely instrumental selections that will fascinate fans of progressive or dark psychedelic rock.

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