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SlowBurn Records News 2006

December 15, 2006 - Another nice review from the Ptolemaic Terrascope has come in for Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo. December 13, 2006 - Another year almost gone by, SlowBurn Records would like to thank those who have supported us this year!  As a reward, check out BSE saxophonist, Brian Maloney with Scott Kerr doing an impromtu jam with hip-hop group, Spigga. November 17, 2006 - A nice review of Bolt of Apollo has come in from Santuu at the Psychotropic Zone. November 1, 2006 - We are really pleased at the amount of interest Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo is causing.  Christmas gift solved: order a copy of BOA for your music lover!
BSE's Bolt of Apollo was centrally featured in this months issue of the Downtown Tucsonan's article about Tucson music recordings.
Whos got da funk? An interesting video of BSE saxophonist Brian Maloney has surfaced on Youtube.com.  Watch Brian and Scott Kerr jam with the University of Arizona Marching Band and Cheerleaders!
October 15, 2006 - Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo is now available for mail order thru Camera Obscura Records website.  Bolt of Apollo should be in stores in November.
Black Sun percussionist and longtime SlowBurn collaborator John Paul Marchand has been a DJ at KXCI 91.3FM here in Tucson for 10 years.  "Cozmic Jon" has now set up a blog for his radio show called Tempest Broog Times.
Also, Black Sun Ensemble's saxophinist, Brian Maloney is now heading a new group called Beatnik Dream Vacation with guitarist Duncan Hudson and percussionist Scott Kerr.
August 14, 2006 - We are excited to announce that duplication efforts have begun for Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo.  This CD has been licensed to our friends at Camera Obscura Records, who have put up an info page and posted an Mp3 of Scarlet Woman from the album.  Please direct all inquires regarding purchasing this CD to Camera Obscura thru their website.
In other news, two interesting project have begun to take shape.  Mastering has begun on Sun Zoom Spark's Red Planets project.  Originally recorded 1996, the band never offically release this inspired collection of garage/psych/blues/folk rock.  Stay tuned for more information regarding its release. Also, production and mixing has been completed on a definative collection of early SlowBurn recordings, called Universal: Recordings 1987-1989. These recordings have been digitally transfered, completely remixed and will be mastered for duplication in the future.
August 8 , 2006 - SlowBurn Records has a new contact email address: slowburnrecordings@yahoo.com.  The old address will still get your emails thru, however we do prefer the address above.
A new review of Sun Zoom Spark's Electricity CD is in from Andy Garibaldi at Dead Ernest.
July  8, 2006 - As many of you know, this week, we saw the passing of Roger "Syd" Barrett.  More so than most of his contemporaries, Syd's contributions to modern music are incalcuable.  Always opting for the eerie guitar sound rather than standard blues-rock riffing, Syd brought an ambient, almost painterly quality to rock music, giving birth to psychedelic/progressive rock, which later led to the development of ambient/new age, techno and trance music. At the same time Syd gave birth to one of the most enduring groups in music.  During his solo career, Syd was able to record a pair of records that remain some of the most "human" recordings ever captured on tape.  Since 1974, Syd was uncompromising regarding his choice to leave the music industry.  A spirit without peers, Syd will remain one of rock's most artistic and enigmatic creators.  Even though we lost Syd by the mid 1970s,  as a fan,  we hoped that he would return someday.  As a human, my respect for Syd has only grown in admiration for a man who lived his life the way that he wanted to.  Cheers, Syd.  Thanks for the inspiration. July 6, 2006 - Congrats to Black Sun Ensemble percussionist and longtime SlowBurn Records friend John Paul Marchand.  It looks like an environmental group from Minnesota is using his photography for their latest webzine. May 9, 2006 – We apologize for the lengthy absence of updates.  This spring has been a reconstruction period at SlowBurn.
Sun Zoom Spark has been dissolved. SZS played their last show in July of 2005, bringing a ten year history to a close.  We will be working in the coming months to release SZS’s three seminal projects “Against The Giant (1995),” “The Red Planets (1996),” and “Alpha Jerk (1997).”  Sadly, these three project have not yet seen the light of day and have been gathering dust on the shelf since their completion. SlowBurn Records also has plans the remix and remaster SZS’s self-titled release from 1998 –with the inclusion of bonus tracks and live performances.
For Black Sun Ensemble fans, “Bolt of Apollo,” licensed to Camera Obscura Records, has been delay in its release.  The good people at Camera Obscura are now saying it will be July/August of 2006 before it will become available.   We will keep you posted as thing develop over the summer.   The band is nearing completion of production on BSE’s follow up to “Bolt of Apollo,”  “Across the Sea of Id: A Way to Eden.”
A nice review of BSE's "Live at KXCI Volume II" was published at Bliss Aquamarine. As an update on a work in progress, Sun Zoom Spark/Black Sun Ensemble instrumentalist Eric Johnson has joined long-time SlowBurn friend John Axtell’s Bread and Circus.  The currently line up is Eric Johnson (guitar, backing vocals), John Axtell (vocals, guitar), former Los Federales Joe Yearago (bass), and Sam Donaldson (drums).  The group is currently working to complete their debut CD; with no working title as of yet.  Bread and Circus is looking to begin to gig locally in the coming months.
January 15, 2006 -- Happy New Year from your friends at SlowBurn Records!  Hopefully there will be a bright season ahead for us all!  A contract has been finalized for licensing Black Sun Ensemble's Bolt of Apollo to the good people at Camera Obscura Records.  The final version will feature, along with the music, a video by Jonathan Levitt for BSE's Jewel of the Seven Stars and hand rendered art work by Chicago artist Ben Johnston.  Look for this release in May 2006. We will keep you posted. December 15, 2005 -- 20 years of Black Sun Ensemble music is celebrated tonight at Plush in Tucson with a CD release party for Bolt of Apollo!  The Tucson Weekly says, "Acedo remains a stunning guitarist with the release of Bolt of Apollo, a fine distillation of Eastern-influenced psychedelic raga-rock!"  The Downtown Tucsonan calls Bolt of Apollo an "absolute gem and a must-have for times of cosmic contemplation -and otherwise."
In addition, SlowBurn Records is proud to license Bolt of Apollo to Austrialia's Camera Obscura Records, with an international release date in the first quarter of 2006.
December 5, 2005 -- A nice review of Sun Zoom Spark's Saturn Return has been written by Jeff Fitzgerald for Aural Innovations.

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