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Eric Johnson’s Action Figures

 Originally released on SlowBurn Records (2013)   songs - Soul Retrieval; The Space Between; Night Sea Journey; Orange Made World; Inside Outside; Closer; Seasons of Circles; The Party Is Over; Barrett's Blues; The Device; Black Queen; Carry Me Away; Demonstration   Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals   After leaving Black Sun Ensemble in 2008, Johnson began to consider a new project, however most of the his time was spent on playing with Bread and Circus.  In 2009, several events in his personal life left him unable to play with Bread and Circus for a period of time.   He dealt with the challenges by trying his hand at recording on his own again.   Johnson completed the recording for the initial Action Figures project in early 2013 and was released in November of that year.   Eric Johnson's first official solo album, Action Figures, was written, performed and recorded at SlowBurn studio in Tucson, Arizona.  Like much of Johnson's output with Black Sun Ensemble and Sun Zoom Spark, the music on Action Figures is diverse.  From the epic psych - rock of the opener "Soul Retrieval" and "Barrett's Blues" to bittersweet ballads like "Night Sea Journey" and "Carry Me Away" to progressive rock instrumentals like "Orange Made World" and "The Device," the album covers a lot of sonic ground.  Thematically, much of the material is about redemption and how to move on after bad things happen.  On "Season of Circles," Johnson sings, "…there is only one reason there is a ghost in my home and it likes to hide itself away until I'm alone…"  Delivered in a perfect power pop format, "Inside Outside" examines obsession and loss - "…all hail your luxuries, your soft demands and your mysteries, what you stole is a tragedy, so give my soul back to me…"  The closer, with its Spider From Mars instrumentation, "Demonstration" seems to offer a resolution to the conflict - "…allow me to forget that field, where time's tomb is sealed, cuz its all gone and it won't come again…"  Action Figures is, at times, a remarkably personal statement,  with Johnson playing all of the instruments himself and consciously taking risks, both lyrically and musically,  that only a solo project might allow.

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