Sun Zoom Spark Against the Giant

Limited cassette release on  SlowBurn Records (1995) [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Against the Giant" volume="90"] songs- Valley of the Sunrise, Gonna Try, Perfect Crime, Somebody Let A Stranger In, Nine Spine Television, Telephone Circutry Dream, Shadow On the Sun, Day By Day, One Of My Kind, Gettin' Sentimental On You, Pulling Down the Sky, Lightning Song, Clementine Bryan Kohl – drums; Eric Johnson – guitar, vocals; Steve Goetz - bass Sun Zoom Spark's debut CD features Eric Johnson (guitar, vocals), Bryan Kohl (drums, guitar, vocals) and Steve Goetz (bass).  Recorded in Madison Wisconsin in 1995, Against the Giant is a major shift in writing style from instrumental, progressive works of previous releases from these musicians.  Against the Giant marks an almost back to basic approach to the material where emphasis is placed on song structure and lyrics.  Not to say that there isn't imaginative music here.  Against The Giant is full of concrete music passages, samples and some 'way-out' writing.   The album was primarily recorded live to two track, vocals included, creating a spontaeous, if at times, raw sound.  Against the Giant is the beginning of a fertile time for SZS.  It should be noted that this orginal line-up was reunited on Sun Zoom Spark's In Stereo CD in 2002. WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material does not comply with industry standards.

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