Sun Zoom Spark Alpha Jerk

Originally released on cassette on SlowBurn Records (1997) [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Alpha Jerk" volume="75"] songs-  Iner Space Tragity, Dear Lucy Diamond, Hypnotized, In the Shadow of the Living Room, Random Sonic Experiment, Blaahzebub, Passing Planes, Just Like Me,  No Need To Bite,  I Had To Let You Know, Sea Of Tranquility, Alpha Jerk Young Arnold – bass; Eric Johnson – guitar, bass, vocals, drums; Bryan Kohl - drums One of our favorite projects, Alpha Jerk marked a transition point for Sun Zoom Spark.  Having recorded 1996's Red Planet as a duo, Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar) and Bryan Kohl (drums, vocals, trombone) recruited old SlowBurn friend Young Arnold to play bass.  In 1997 the trio began rehearsals, but did not begin to play live shows until 1998 because of being distracted by recording projects.  One was what would become the first EP later to be included on 1998's Slightly Fantastic, the other was a series of songs collectively called Alpha Jerk. Alpha Jerk marks a transition in the band because about 1/3 of the material was recorded as a duo -like the Red Planet project.  1/3 was recorded as a trio with new bassist Young Arnold. 1/3 was recorded as demos by Eric Johnson. The result is a sampling of the band during a very creatively fertile period.  The material ranges from intense garage rock to whimsical, blissful pop songs to experimental jams.  As the band grew and developed, SZS chose to release the Slightly Fantastic project, leaving Alpha Jerk to gather dust on the shelf.  In hindsight, that may have been a mistake.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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