Sun Zoom Spark Electricity

origninally released on SlowBurn Records (1999) songs-  Electricity, What About You, Inna Di Poemhall, Falling From Satellites, Seventh Space Dream This Week, Loaded, Here I Go, Too Much, Namnea Habebeh Nam, Get To You, Secret Spark, Last Blues Young Arnold - bass; Eric Johnson - guitar, keyboards, vocals; Bryan Kohl - drums Tucson power-trio Sun Zoom Spark's shining 4 track masterpiece, Electricity is a complete statement. Over sixty-five minutes of amped-up power-blues, space rock and slightly creepy guitar pop, Sun Zoom Spark comes up with a forward thinking effort that does not hide its roots. Compared with the like of 'old school' acid rockers The Pink Fairies and early Flaming Lips, Sun Zoom Spark delivers the rock and roll goods with psychedelic charm. Digitally remastered by John Axtell at Signalhouse Studio in Tucson, Electricity journeys through thirteen songs, three spacey instrumentals, bizarro sound samples and a finale/hidden track that you have to hear to believe. Interestingly, Electricity is the last project completed solely on a 4 track tape machine.  For the next project, "Twitch A Rock Opera From The Earth," SlowBurn Records upgraded to multi-track digital recording techniques.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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