Sun Zoom Spark Left for Dead

LEFT FOR DEAD COVERReleased on SlowBurn Records September 1st, 2014 Eric Johnson - guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion, drums; Bryan Kohl - drums; Steve Goetz - bass; John Galuska - sound collage songs- Put Out All The Sounds, Round Again, Left for Life, Transmission I, Masterpiece by Midnight, Transmission II, Left for Dead, If We Wait, Transmission III, Jewel Of The Seven Stars, Volcano, Returning To Swim In 2001, Sun Zoom Spark guitarist/vocalist Eric Johnson was approached by former Cesare's Dog oboist, John Galuska to help create music for a larger concept idea called "Left for Dead." Galuska wrote dozens of poems around the subject of death and renewal and recorded hours of abstract sound collage for the project.  Sun Zoom Spark, who were in the middle of the recording sessions for "In Stereo," agreed to record some music for the project.  The trio devoted only one night to the project and recorded a full hour of improvised instrumental music. Interestingly, Sun Zoom Spark recorded a proto-version of Black Sun Ensemble' s "Jewel of the Seven Stars" that night and is featured in this collection. Unfortunately, Galuska and the band lost focus on the project and the recording was shelved for nearly 13 years.  In 2014, Johnson reviewed the tapes and found that the recorded improvised material was not only interesting, but also very well recorded.  During the spring of 2014, Johnson began to edit the tracks and record overdubs to complete ideas that were left unrealized.  The result is an often hallucinatory, all instrumental, progressive rock exploration that seems to work on all levels. From the vampire-at-midnight opener, to the trance-oriented "Round Again" to the 17 minute title track, Sun Zoom Spark come back from the dead and deliver a forward thinking project that will impress fans of the genre.

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