Sun Zoom Spark The Red Planets

Limited cassette release on SlowBurn Records (1996) [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark The Red Planets"] songs-  You, Inside, Believer, Joe Kelly Blues, Louisiana, One Eye Alone, Crystal Structure, Doubt, Too Much, Moon Song, Yeah C'mon, Heavy with Everything, The Red Planets Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards; Bryan Kohl - drums, backing vocals, trombone In many ways, The Red Planets is a culmination of years of writing and recording.  After the technically flawed “Against the Giant,” and the soundtrack-like experimentalism of “Transmissions from Satellites,” Eric Johnson (guitar, bass, vocals, moog) and Bryan Kohl (drums, vocals, trombone) focus in on this slightly fantastic piece of low-fi recording.  Often playing like a four or five piece band, thanks to the magic of multi-track recording, the duo finally nails SZS’s signature psych-rock sound.  From the garage-band meltdown of “Joe Kelly Blues” and “Moon Song” and the faux-jazz of “Heavy with Everything,” to the street-fightin’ blues rock of “Believer” and “One Eye Alone,” Sun Zoom Spark arrives with this classic underground recording.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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