Sun Zoom Spark Saturn Return DVD reviews

Sun Zoom Spark 2003Sun Zoom Spark was a great psychedelic rock band from Tucson, Arizona and I have reviewed several of their albums during the years. Some of the band members have also played in Black Sun Ensemble with the guitar legend Jesus Acedo since after the band reactivated in the 00’s. SlowBurn Records is label run by Sun Zoom Spark’s guitarist and singer Eric Johnson since 1987 and after the Black Sun Ensemble album Across the Sea of Id: The Way to Eden in 2008 the label has had a little break. Johnson got himself a new computer, learned to use some video editing programs and made DIY style music videos for the tracks of the last Sun Zoom Spark album Saturn Reality released in 2004. He also had lots of video material from studio and live gigs and this documentary sort of happened by accident when he decided to edit all the stuff together for one DVD in 2010. The disc includes some sort of music videos for nine of the 13 tracks on Saturn Return, discussions and improvisations. In addition, the disc has about 30 minutes of stuff from the last live gig of the Saturn Return line-up. The keyboard player moved away after that and split from the group. Especially the picture quality is very amateurish, but in itself this is a very interesting and unique documentary for the fans of this versatile band. The music of Sun Zoom Spark combined the psychedelic rock from many decades with art rock, blues, jazz and folk influences, so there’s pretty much something for everyone. This DVD that was released already almost a year ago is a nice testament to this great band. There’s also tons and tons of audio and video material of different bands on the label to be found on SlowBurn’s web site so why don’t you dive in!  - Psychotropic Zone

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