Sun Zoom Spark Saturn Return Documentary

Released on SlowBurn Records (2011) Bobby Hepworth - keyboards; Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals; J Ratcliff - drums; Brian Maloney - bass SlowBurn Records is proud to announce the release of Sun Zoom Spark's DVD documentary on the making of the Saturn Return project.  Recorded in early 2004,  the band filmed hours of footage, including studio takes, jams, conversations and more, in the hopes that they would be able to construct a video or two. Unfortunately, keyboardist Bobby Hepworth left the band in May and later that year the band, for all practical purposes, broke up.  The footage was then forgotten about for six years.  In 2010, guitarist Eric Johnson bought some editing software to begin to archive some of the video recordings that have amassed over the years.  Johnson started working on the original idea of make a video for a song from the album, but quickly found a larger project forming.  In the end, the Saturn Return DVD is an hour plus documentary featuring 9 of the 13 songs from the album.  In addition, conversations, improvisations and other ephemora are included to give the viewer a glimpse into the recording process for the record, and beyond. The DVD also feature a live performance from the group's last concert with the Saturn Return line-up in May, 2004.

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