Sun Zoom Spark Slightly Fantastic

Limited cassette release on SlowBurn Records (1998) [ti_audio name="Sun Zoom Spark Slightly Fantastic"] songs- Coming Home, The Otherside, Butterfly Wings, Ruby Eye Starshine, Green Green, Coming My Way, Red Like Valentines, Hypnotized, Still Breathing, Shine, Life, Dear Lucy Diamond, Forever Young, Play with Fire, Heavy With Everything Young Arnold – bass; Eric Johnson – guitar, vocals, bass, drums; Bryan Kohl - drums Slightly Fantastic, originally made up of two different EPs is Sun Zoom Spark's bombastic introduction to their own brand of garage-psych rock. This is the first full length recording to feature Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar), Young Arnold (bass) and Bryan Kohl (drums). Recorded in two different environments, half of Slightly Fantastic's material has a tight studio quality.  The other half, recorded in a large warehouse has an uncontrolled sonic depth that adds a spooky atmospheric dimension to the material.  The band covers the Rolling Stones "Play With Fire" and the Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," shedding some light on where their influences lie.  However, the rest of the CD's material has a timeless quality to it, successfully combining the old school rock with faux jazz, blues, and late 80s grunge. This collection also includes several of Eric Johnson's demo songs that were proposed for the Electricity project from the following year.

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