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Sundarata 12/2014Sundarata is a rock quartet from Tucson Arizona, formed out of two longtime Tucson groups, The Infinite Beauties and Black Sun Ensemble.  The two former groups shared common ground on the local scene, often playing gigs together and sharing members for various gigs and recording projects.   Beauties guitarist Adam Lopez and drummer Jeremy Topp reconnected with Black Sun Ensemble's Eric Johnson at BSE's guitarist Jesus Acedo memorial service after  his passing in March 2013.  Plans were made to work on a series of songs that Topp had recently written.  The trio added Leo Graves, the brother of Infinite Beauties vocalist/honcho Joseph Graves, as vocalist and began rehearsals in summer 2013. Sundarata entered SlowBurn studio in the fall of 2013 to begin work on their debut album.  The collection of songs, now called "Language of the Stars" was released in January 2015 on SlowBurn Records. Playing an eclectic mix of folk, bluesy mediations and alternative rock, Sundarata also emphasizes visionary lyrics into the mix creating a unique rock hybrid that celebrates both former band's style and flavor while adding something new to its musical direction.  In the end, the result can only have been created in the deserts of southern Arizona.

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